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  1. Hi there, I have a backup folder with BT Sync that is selectivly synced to the MacBook I'm running Alfred on. Now everytime I look for Application X in Alfred it shows me the local one and the one in my BTSync backup folder that... does not work, because it's only a link. How can I exclude a folder? Best hubutz
  2. Hi guys, I'll move from 2Do to The Hit List but I havent managed to find a workflow for this. Which features would I like to have? - add tasks to the inbox - search for tasks - get a list of "today" tasks - cool but maybe too much would be to be able to complete tasks via alfred Any of you have build or seen a workflow for THL? Cheers Ben
  3. Hi homever, this is the workflow i used to use with caffeine. This for ampethamine is what I'm looking for
  4. Hi, sorry for that really late reply. My mac crashed (cuz of sophos i think) and i forgot about that topic. I've installed Win10 Preview to get into companys VPN. Works well. Ty!
  5. Hi there, amphetamine is quite nice and replaces caffeine for myself. One thing I'm lacking is a possibility to use it with Alfred. Someone mind to write a workflow for that? I don't know how to (havent learned to code). Cheers Ben
  6. Hi there, it would be cool to have a workflow that would let me disable and enable the on demand scanner of sophos. Only need it to get into my companys VPN. Any ideas? Cheers Ben
  7. Hi Cortig, this is not changing anything. Just using Spotlight for mails then.
  8. Didnt have the time / chance to change the keyword yet, will try this tomorrow. TextExpander is installed but there is no shortcut for "olkm" at all. I'll let you know if it worked. Cheers
  9. Hi Corentin, this isn't working for me. I'd like to post screenshots but i don't get how to attach some. If i enter olkm it's all fine, even after entering olkm+space, but if i then start typing it wants to search with google. Cheers, hubutz
  10. Hi Corentin, I tried to use the search mail workflow but it doesnt work. I can enter "oklm" and it shows up searching mails, but as soon as i enter something more it just tries to search with google. Don't know what I've done wrong. Could that be because I have a german OSX? Cheers, hubutz
  11. Hi there, is there any way to show alfred on the active monitor instead of on the primary one? That would be really really helpful. Cheers, Ben
  12. ya, spotlight search works fine. I should just use spotlight for this one.
  13. Hi David, the last method (search only a specific folder, and it's subfolders) would be the version that i'd love. But tbh i do not know how to achive that. :/ My "_Documents" folder is btw on a USB-Harddrive and not in my user folder. Cheers
  14. Hi there, i use alfred quite a lot and since i switched from windows half a year ago, but I never managed to get behind workflows. Related to my question in the support forums (http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2472-is-there-a-way-to-search-inside-files/) I'd like to ask for some assitance in getting a workflow created. What i want to do: I recently scanned all / most of my documents into PDFs and saved them on my harddisk. Now I need a possibilty to quickly find keywords within that PDFs (bonus: it would be nice to see a preview of the reference, but this is not important for the start) (all of them are in my "own" "_Documents"-folder, so i just need to search there). Can anyone explain/show me how to achieve that? Do I need to supply more information? If yes: which? Thanks in advance, Ben
  15. Thanks, good idea. Gonna do that right now
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