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  1. Glad you found it useful! I added the dashes because they provide the very slight extra security of symbols (so the password is upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols). Then again, I just hobbled together the workflow. My knowledge of password strength factors is pretty limited.
  2. I love Little Ipsum, but I too try to get rid of menu bar items by finding replacement Alfred worfklows. Glad you found it useful.
  3. Download: http://cl.ly/0c401P3c3S0T This workflow has the following commands: "horse" - Generates a slightly modified version of the "correct horse battery staple" style password (e.g. "Rising-Rocky-Prevent-Table-3"), suggested by XKCD: http://xkcd.com/936. "pass" - Alias of "horse." "unique" - Produces a randomized unique string (e.g. "514cd3a59ae3a"). "md5 <string>" - Produces the md5 hash of any string. This is really only useful for developers, and not really that useful even then. Results are copied to the clipboard and pasted to the foremost application.
  4. Download: http://cl.ly/0l210T3y2L1y This workflow has three major functions, which are really only useful for developers. Fetch current unix timestamp. Convert a unix timestamp into the DATETIME format. Fetch a unix timestamp for a future date. Examples: "ts" : 1363987228 "ts 1363987228" : 2013-03-22 05:20:28 "ts next thursday" : 1364443200 "ts 3/5/2013" : 1362502800 "ts 1 year ago" : 1332451288 The results are displayed as a notification and copied into the clipboard. You may optionally edit the workflow and enable pasting into the foremost application. Note that this workflow use
  5. jgpippin


    A minimalist theme with no border and a reasonably pleasing transparency. Download: http://cl.ly/2f1z2X121u3I
  6. Oh, cool; glad somebody other than me finds it useful.
  7. This workflow fetches plaintext words or paragraphs of lorem ipsum from loripsum.net. The result is copied into the clipboard and pasted into the foremost application. Download: http://cl.ly/2b242n1D3j0h
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