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  1. Long story short - this is an Alfred version of Remy's Sharp excellent tool. Instructions and git repository are here: https://github.com/ajgon/alfred2-html-entity-lookup Extension itself: https://github.com/ajgon/alfred2-html-entity-lookup/blob/master/HTMLEntityLookup.alfredworkflow?raw=true May the force be with you
  2. Hey, Is it possible to make the "magnifying glass" in color picker already active (just ready to fetch the pixel color), and after that to close the dialog and bring Alfred back? I know it's a detail, but saving those two clicks would be awesome Anyway, awesome extension - thanks!
  3. Hey, A while ago, I created a very simple extension, to create ready-to-use DataURIs from small files. It was very obscure, but today my work colleague motivated me to clean it and share with greater public, which I'm doing. It also includes optimization scripts for images. Instructions and git repository are here: https://github.com/ajgon/alfred2-datauri Extension itself: https://github.com/ajgon/alfred2-datauri/blob/master/DataURIscheme.alfredworkflow?raw=true I really hope, that all webdevs out there will enjoy it Cheers!
  4. Hey, I'm trying to set a alt+cmd+space shortcut to iTunes miniplayer which I was using in previous version of alfred and was working pretty well. However in Alfred2 it won't let me. I have "Spotlight window keyboard shortcut" disabled in preferences, I also disabled itunes miniplayer in AlfredV1. Still I can't set it in AlfredV2. Am I missing something? Cheers,
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