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  1. I have gone through many posts here and im really struggling to be able to paste an image into a workflow. I have used the copy file to pathname method explained in other posts and added it to the setfilePath in the workflow but it just posts blankspace in any application. Never the suggested image. Any ideas? I have attached the Run Script settings im using.
  2. Thanks here you go: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/ibe0vrtfvd1fvrv/WhichZone.alfredworkflow?dl=1
  3. Hi, to be honest I probably didn't mean what I did with the clipboard. The issue im finding is once the content is outputted to where it needs to be, if I run the command again, it pastes both the old and new clipboard contents. Then if I do it again, 3 versions, then 4 etc I need a way for it to paste the contents then DUMP the clipboard history if possible.
  4. Hi, im very new to Alfred and just made my first workflow. it uses the //accountready trigger to a list filter of 4 arguments which then the selected argument gets pasted into a 'copy to clipboard'. I have two questions: Firstly and most importantly, I need to build a "clear all clipboard content" into this workflow after the initial trigger but cannot see how. Secondly, how do you use two or more list filters? For instance if I needed one as a sign off name, one as a department and one as a zone, as in the following: Hi John, You are on platform (list filter 1 item here). You are in the (list filter item 2 here) zone Many thanks, (list filter item 3 here) Any help for a newbie would be great.
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