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  1. Thanks, that did it. I did not know the script had an error in it. Knowing how to debug using Terminal helps a lot, thanks!
  2. It's a PHP script. I've attached the workflow. Try typing the title of a wiki page, for example 'w list of districts'. It shows the autosuggest results fine until you type the 't' in 'districts'. I've also added a quick and dirty debug log of the results. What's going wrong?
  3. Looks like the 'how to run the script in command line' explanation didn't make it into the post
  4. How can I run the script in command line? I've already tried writing the XML to a cache file and it's valid there.
  5. I think I have the same problem. The XML returned is fine but it won't show any of the results in Alfred, instead it shows the fallback searches... Is this a bug in Alfred? If it helps: Alfred stops showing the results after a certain amount of characters behind the keyword. Maybe the results aren't offered fast enough (which I doubt) and Alfred rejects them?
  6. Thanks. Unfortunately, IMDb's suggests API doesn't provide rating information, so I can't do that
  7. I've completely rebuilt redwall_hp's original IMDB Search Suggest workflow to include more information in results, a fallback for longer search queries using a cache, and a new icon. I've also changed the keyword to i but you can easily change that to imdb or whatever you like. I hope you'll enjoy! Download .alfredworkflow GitHub
  8. I've rebuilt your script with some improvements, including a fix for this bug. Check it out here
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