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  1. I am trying to figure this out. I'm on a 2017 MacBook Pro with Touchbar. I have tried different themes like Default, Frosty Teal with no Blur, macOS Sierra theme. When I type things into Alfred, it seems to get stuck and then later on closes or does the action eventually. I am trying to find an answer, but don't know if anyone else is experiencing this issue.
  2. Thank you for this script, worked perfectly. Made a keyword that triggered the script and it's been working flawlessly! Any updates on adding to library or is that still an issue?
  3. That did the trick! Weird, never had the issue with the keyboard input sources before, but after ticking and unticking that keyboard shortcut it works. Thank you so much! My search of the knowledgebase somehow didn't pull up an article on this. Feels so good to have my workflow back, command + option felt so weird.
  4. I restarted and it still won't let me select command + space. Pressing the command does nothing.
  5. There was a reply posted here by another user, received an email-but it isn't showing up here. This is my response to their reply. I changed Spotlight back to cmd+space and then tried it and that pulled up the right hotkey and then I changed spotlight back to it's customized hotkey and disabled it and Alfred v2 still won't let me set cmd+space, I even tried stopping Alfred and starting it up again. I haven't tried a restart, which I will try now just to reduce the chance of a misbehaving process.
  6. My hotkey in Alfred v1 was cmd+space and I imported my Alfred v1 settings and even uninstalled Alfred v1 using an app uninstaller and now the Alfred v2 settings won't allow me to set cmd+space for Alfred's hotkeys.
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