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  1. This is great. managed to change the default to MD. Thank you for creating this and increase my productivity!!
  2. This workflow stopped working after I updated my DSM to 5.0 and the Download Station is now on version 3.4 - 2555. Is it possible to have it work again? Thank you
  3. This is amazing - thank you for making this.
  4. I was looking for this last week and now there here it is. Thank you for creating this workflow, extremely useful. I am so glad I use Alfred.
  5. Is it at all possible to launch the Airfoili Video Player from Alfred? This would save a lot of mouse clicks....
  6. This is amazing, thank you. I will check our your website as well.
  7. Just tried this workflow, works brilliantly. Alfred is an amazing app supported by an amazing communiuty of developers and users.
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