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  1. New version released. - Bug fixes - dur and every keys added https://github.com/rtoshiro/alfred-workflows-addcalendarevent/releases/tag/1.2.1
  2. I've just updated Play iTunes workflow. Now searching works with all available songs fields. http://www.packal.org/workflow/play-itunes https://github.com/rtoshiro/alfred-workflows-playitunes
  3. Hi It accept any text that you can copy and paste Unfortunately, variables is not possible now, but It's a nice feature. How would you imagine using variables? Maybe something like: ts mysnippet var1 var2 var3 ?
  4. I've released a new version of Text Snippets changed from Text Shortcut. Now Text Snippets can handle snippets and terminal commands. https://github.com/rtoshiro/alfred-workflows-textshortcut
  5. Hi About "tc", can you test with simple commands? Like "echo a" Or check if your command needs "sudo" in front of the command? Related to "ts", I've released a new version showing a little bit of contents of tc and ts Thank you. Best Ham
  6. I have uploaded a new version of this Workflow. You can now type: cal default and change the Calendar name again. Maybe you could have a try. Best H
  7. Hi Omar, Sorry for delay. This workflow can manage your snippets without any other third party application. Only using Alfred 2. First thing you have to do, is to add some snippets to use later. For example, if you want to create a snippet like: Best Regards, Omar. So, you have to copy (cmd+c) the text "Best Regards, Omar.", and then type (in Alfred text box): ts add mySnippetName Now you can use the snippet "mySnippetName" typing: ts mySnippetName The workflow has autocomplete. So you don't have to type the entire snippet's name. Only "ts myS" probably will work. I hope it helps. Best H
  8. Hi, I have fixed this bug. Thx https://github.com/rtoshiro/alfred-workflows-textshortcut
  9. No. It is not dead. I'm going to see your requests but it is hard due to lack of time Best
  10. I have added a new funcionality for Terminal commands. Now you can execute Terminal commands instead of pasting text snippets. The new command is called "tc". Please take a look at: https://github.com/r...ws-textshortcut --- Workflow for Alfred 2 to abbreviate some texts Just type: ts [shortcut name] Adding new shortcut: First, cmd+c (copy) text you want to use Then, type: ts add [shortcut name] After that, you can type: ts [shortcut name] And the text will be pasted That is all! Removing shortcut: Just type: ts del [shortcut name] If dont remember the shortcut name, just type: ts del and all shortcuts will be displayed. Example: copy: "Best regards, Jon Doe" ts add me When you are writing an email, type: ts me TS will paste: "Best regards, Jon Doe"
  11. Add Calendar Event 1.8 New version released: https://github.com/rtoshiro/alfred-workflows-addcalendarevent
  12. New version released: 1.12 https://github.com/rtoshiro/alfred-workflows-addcalendarevent
  13. I have released a new version of Add Calendar Event. Plz check : https://github.com/rtoshiro/alfred-workflows-addcalendarevent Best. Hami
  14. Hi, Could you edit and put the name of calendar inside this file? This name should exist in your calendar list. (Ie.: work) I'm going to see what happened. One question: did it open a popup asking you to choose one calendar to use as default?? Thank you. Best H
  15. Hi Well. I do not know how this file could be empty, but we have released a new version (1.5) fixing this bug. https://github.com/rtoshiro/alfred-workflows-addcalendarevent/releases/tag/1.5 Would you mind testing it? Thank you. Best H
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