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  1. Great!, does this support multiline snippets and variables? it is planned in the future?



    Hello {{ name }}, my name is {{ me }} and i

    want to show you bla bla...

    <img src="{{ awesomeUrl }}" />



    It accept any text that you can copy and paste :)

    Unfortunately, variables is not possible now, but It's a nice feature. How would you imagine using variables?

    Maybe something like:

    ts mysnippet var1 var2 var3


  2. Thanks for this workflow, it is most useful!


    Unfortunately the new tc command is not working for me. The command is not executed. I'm using OS X 10.10.3. I'm using iTerm2, it would be preferable if commands could be executed there (however commands are not executed at all now).


    The ts function works great. I wonder would it be possible to show the content of the snippet (as many characters as can fit) in the subtext of the result? That would help tell snippets with similar names apart.




    About "tc", can you test with simple commands? Like "echo a"

    Or check if your command needs "sudo" in front of the command?


    Related to "ts", I've released a new version showing a little bit of contents of tc and ts


    Thank you.



  3. Hi,


    Unfortunately, it doesn´t work for me.

    Just opens Calendar than sends a notification that it was successful.

    The file is there but just '??' are typed, when i checked 'fox' folder.

    I use latest ver mac OS and the extension.

    Could you help me? 

    Thank you.




    I have uploaded a new version of this Workflow.

    You can now type:


    cal default


    and change the Calendar name again.

    Maybe you could have a try.





    Hi and good day hamiseixas,
    Not sure what this workflow does, in Alfred I get: ”Text Shortcut Not Found” ?
    And I do have TextExpander snippets, but if I write ts and then the abbreviation, it will expand at once.


    with best regards,

    Omar KN

    Stockholm, Sweden



    Hi Omar,


    Sorry for delay.

    This workflow can manage your snippets without any other third party application.

    Only using Alfred 2.


    First thing you have to do, is to add some snippets to use later.

    For example, if you want to create a snippet like:


    Best Regards, Omar.


    So, you have to copy (cmd+c) the text "Best Regards, Omar.", and then type (in Alfred text box): ts add mySnippetName


    Now you can use the snippet "mySnippetName" typing: ts mySnippetName


    The workflow has autocomplete. So you don't have to type the entire snippet's name. Only "ts myS" probably will work.


    I hope it helps.




  5. I have added a new funcionality for Terminal commands.

    Now you can execute Terminal commands instead of pasting text snippets.


    The new command is called "tc".


    Please take a look at:





    Workflow for Alfred 2 to abbreviate some texts

    Just type:


    ts [shortcut name]

    Adding new shortcut:

    First, cmd+c (copy) text you want to use


    Then, type:


    ts add [shortcut name]


    After that, you can type:


    ts [shortcut name]


    And the text will be pasted That is all!

    Removing shortcut:

    Just type:


    ts del [shortcut name]


    If dont remember the shortcut name, just type: ts del and all shortcuts will be displayed.




    "Best regards, Jon Doe"


    ts add me


    When you are writing an email, type:


    ts me


    TS will paste: "Best regards, Jon Doe"

  6. Hi,


    Unfortunately, it doesn´t work for me.

    Just opens Calendar than sends a notification that it was successful.

    The file is there but just '??' are typed, when i checked 'fox' folder.

    I use latest ver mac OS and the extension.

    Could you help me? 

    Thank you.






    Could you edit and put the name of calendar inside this file? This name should exist in your calendar list. (Ie.: work)

    I'm going to see what happened.

    One question: did it open a popup asking you to choose one calendar to use as default??


    Thank you.



  7. I tried the new version, but still get some Errors creating a new event (when enabling debug mode in alfred):


    [iNFO: alfred.workflow.input.scriptfilter] Processing output 'alfred.workflow.action.script' with arg 'TEst'

    [ERROR: alfred.workflow.action.script] Code 1: main.scpt: execution error: Finder got an error: End of file error. (-39)

    [iNFO: alfred.workflow.action.script] Processing output 'alfred.workflow.output.notification' with arg ''


    Damm.. :)


    Can you verify if the script has created a folder called 'tox' in:


    ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data/


    If it has created, can you see a file called 'cal_name' inside it? And can you check the contents of this file?


    Thank you.




  8. It prompted you to choose the default calendar if you do not specify one.


    The query you wrote is correct.

    Some people pointed that Calendar should be opened to script works. Would you mind to check if Calendar is opened when you test?

    Thank you







    We have released a new version (1.4) with some bug fixes.




    Could you try this version?

    Best regards,


    Hi hamiseixas,

    Having the same issue as Dominic above.  I have Calendar open (version 6.0), execute using some of your examples, get the notification, but nothing in Calendar.  Any thoughts?

    I've tried toggling individual calendars on and off and still nothing.  


    Thanks in advance for your help/suggestions.



    Would you mind testing this new version (1.3) again? 

    I have made some changes in script. Thank you very much.


    Cool idea but doesn´t work for me.

    Just opens Calendar, but sends a notification that it was successful.

    Any ideas?




    Would you mind testing this new version (1.3) again?

    What is the version of your OSX or Calendar?


    Thank you guys.



  10. I love this workflow! The only thing that would be a nice feature is if the Up Next queue would have songs in it. For example, I used the workflow to play Even Flow by Pearl Jam. After the song finished, I saw that the Up Next queue was empty and didn't play anything after it.


    Other than that, fantastic workflow


    I see. You are right. But I'm thinking of which songs would be added after adding only one song.

    I mean, when you choose Pearl Jam, it plays every album of PJ. But if you choose Evenflow, which song should be next? The same album, same artist, all random? I think I am going on same artists.


    Well, thank you very much for your feedback.



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