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  1. The idea here would be to use the same interface as the file buffer in the clipboard viewer to enable pasteboard merging. Here's the workflow I'd envision: 1. Copy a bunch of separate things in no particular order 2. Go to the clipboard viewer, and then hit ⌥→ to add to the buffer. On actioning this (⌘C to copy or ↩ to paste directly), the buffer is merged.
  2. Realized this is a spelling error in MY workflow. Closing.
  3. The title in workflow creation should be "Create new event", not "Ceate new event". Just a little thing. Version is 2.0.2 (178)
  4. When you're searching by contacts, the search doesn't deal with nicknames well. For instance, I have a contact whose first name is Thomas, but his nickname is in there as Tom. It would be nice to be able to type "Tom <last name>". Right now, if you type "Tom", it finds him, but the moment you put the space there, it doesn't work.
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