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  1. I'm able to connect the 'Conditional utility' to 'Reveal in Finder' then connect to 'Call External'. What I want to do with 'Call External' is, I want to close all apps including Visual StudioCode (so the current opened folder by Visual Code is closed), but in the next action I need to open Visual Studio Code again and opening the new folder. If I place 'Quit Apps' in the last order, then Visual Studio Code will be opened in the early steps, and then later will be closed by Quit Apps'.
  2. So I have to put Call External in the last order of actions? I did
  3. Vitor, Thanks alot for your help. Anyway how can I connect to other action after Call External? Because it looks like there is no exit connector from Call External to other action.
  4. Hi guys, I'm trying to create my own workflow that will let me switch project workspace setup quickly (I have multiple active projects). These are what I want the workflow doing : 1. When I type ws then alfred will display available options, for example : - Project A - Project B - Project C 2. if I choose Project A and press enter, it should : 3. Quit all opened apps except Mail app, Forklift and Notes if I choose Project A, quit all opened apps except Mail app and Forklift if I choose Project B and so on. 2. Reveal folder Documents/Project A with Forklif
  5. Thanks guys. Before this, I always thinking to create a custom workflow is always about phyton coding which is I'm not capable of. Now I'm realize that Alfred is able to do a lot of things in more sophisticated way. It's my fault not exploring Alfred that much for years and only using other user's workflows. I'll start to learn to create my own workflow now. Thanks
  6. I'm thinking of something like this : It will be useful if you multiple projects so you can switch your working space quickly. Let say, when I finished working on project A and want to start working on project B, I just need to open alfred and typing : ga projectb then all applications that I need for that project b will be opened automatically. I even don't need to remember location of the project b files in the finder. Actually there's an app doing this called workspaces. But it's not integrated with alfred and it has some limitations. Hopefully will see
  7. I'd like to suggest Custom Group of Actions feature Let say I want these perform these actions everytime I start to work on my project A : 1. Quit all opened apps 2. Open folder A with finder 3. Open url http://localhost/myproject with chrome browser 4. Open folder A with Visual Studio Code 5. Open fork app for git commit and I want to call that group of action by calling it using for example : ga work1 And whenever I want to take a break I will use keyword : ga netflix that will : 1. Quit all opened apps 2. Open https://n
  8. sorry my bad, found it https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/clipboard/dynamic-placeholders/
  9. Hi guys, the new snippets auto expansion is nice. Thanks for such a great update! Anyway is it possible to set different format for {date} and {time} ?
  10. I'd like to see this feature too. I'm using atext and usually use cursor placement in to speed up my coding workflow. Here's some of my snippet examples : <!-- {cursor} --?> <div class="{cursor}"></div> <p>{cursor}</p>
  11. Nice one. Thanks!
  12. Awesome, Useful when you have a lot of workflows installed. Thanks!
  13. I just found today a workflow doing exactly what I asked earlier, so the answer is possibe Check this out http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1572-browse-alfred-extension-alfext/
  14. Yes. I'm using Mountain Lion. But reinstalling the workflow with the new one seems fix the problem. Thanks
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