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  1. Thanks emb! For those not entirely clear on this, you can now find your "API Key" as needed in QuickTask for the akey command by going in Asana to My Profile Settings, then Apps, then Manage Developer Apps, and there choose Create New Personal Access Token.
  2. We're on Typit4me with 30 people, would love to move to Snippets. Looking for a way to import too, or maybe just a way to insert them in plain text, is that possible?
  3. OK, clear, thanks Andrew! Maybe in the future it would make sense to just let the user explicitly choose this on importing (and maybe showing him which shortcut keys will be created and if there are any conflicts?)
  4. Maybe this is intented, but I wanted to share a workflow with ~20 of our most used application shortcuts with my colleagues. They have to remake the shortcuts to get them to work.
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