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    seanrwcrawford reacted to Vero in Alfred 4 is coming in June! :D   
    In case you haven't seen our tweet from a few days ago...
    Prepare your keyboards and stretch those finger muscles, Alfred 4 is coming in June!  
    We've posted a very high-level list of just some of the features and improvements you can look forward to here:
    You'll answer find answers to questions about upgrades, and an email signup if you'd like to hear about Alfred 4 as soon as it's available!
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    seanrwcrawford reacted to deanishe in EggTimer v2 [updated to 2.0 final]   
    Download the zip file from the repo (Clone or download > Download ZIP) and extract it. Go into the new directory, select all the files, right-click and choose "Compress 11 Items". That will create Archive.zip. change the name to Archive.alfredworkflow and double-click it.
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    seanrwcrawford reacted to Russell Davis in EggTimer v2 [updated to 2.0 final]   
    @Luciano Santana (and anyone else following along), there are a few commands (Create New Timer, Create New Alarm, and View Recent) that are still broken in Alfred 3. I have a branch that fixes them. (I also submitted a PR to Luciano's repo.)
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    seanrwcrawford reacted to Luciano Santana in EggTimer v2 [updated to 2.0 final]   
    Here is my own custom version : https://github.com/lucianosantana/EggTimer2  (based on the updated version for Alfred 3 by @ianhowson)

    For the issues with the notification I had to change the notify_functions.sh .
    I've completely erased the original and added the following : 
    notify () { if [ "$5" = alarm ]; then nc_icon="$PWD/resources/icon_alarm.icns" else nc_icon="$PWD/resources/icon.icns" fi osascript <<EOD set img to POSIX file "$nc_icon" display dialog "$3\n$4" with title "$1" with icon img buttons {"OK"} EOD } I'm using AppleScript to display a Dialog (not a notification). This way the message sticks on the screen until I interact with it and I don't loose the reminder if I'm temporarily away.
    I also had to invert the order of execution of the sound and alert. Originally it executes the notification then the sound. But changing the notification to dialog blocks the script execution, therefore the sounds executes after user interaction. To solve this issue just search for 
    afplay sounds/alarm_done.mp3 & in the files timer_alarm.sh , timer_auto.sh and timer.sh . Then move it just before the notify command.

    Might be helpful for you @Basket and @Dzier .
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    seanrwcrawford reacted to Ryan McGeary in Alfred Emoji: Search emojis by name or keyword   
    Search for emoji and copy them to the clipboard ?.

    Download v1.8.1 (2019-09-27)
    emoji [query] Press [return] (↵): Copy the symbol of the selected emoji (e.g. ?) to your clipboard. Press [alt]+[return] (⌥↵): Copy the code of the selected emoji (e.g. `:rofl:`) to your clipboard. Press [cmd]+[return] (⌘↵): Paste the code of the selected emoji (e.g. ?) to your frontmost application.  
    Automatic Updates:
    This workflow will automatically check for updates at most once per day. If a new release is found, it automatically downloads and installs the latest version of the workflow. All downloads come directly from official GitHub releases.
    Optional Hotkey and Snippet Triggers:
    Customize the workflow with either a custom hotkey or a custom snippet.
    GitHub Project Download New Releases GitHub Issues - (please submit bug reports and feature requests here)  

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    seanrwcrawford reacted to jona in Pushover workflow for v3   
    Hi everyone, 
    I created an simple workflow for Pushover. It allows you to push text and URLs to your various devices.  

    The workflow has to keywords: "push <your text, URL>" and "pushc" for pushing your clipboard.
    I use it primarily for pushing URLs to mobile devices for mobile website development. But also pushing plaintext comes in handy at some times.
    To get it running you have to create an application on Pushover and fill in your USER and API tokens in the workflow settings. 
    It works only with Alfred v3 since I used some of the new stuff.
    You can grab it here: https://github.com/stroebjo/alfred-pushover/releases
    Hope it's of any use for somebody! If you have any feedback or suggestions, I'm looking forward to it! ;-)
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    seanrwcrawford reacted to Stefan Kleineikenscheidt in Atlassian Confluence Quick search   
    Hey all,
    I have just published the Alfred Confluence workflow.
    The Alfred Confluence workflow let's you find and open Confluence pages and blog posts from Alfred.
    Once installed and set up, just type c <search terms> ('c' standing for Confluence).
    Download & Links:
    Latest Release: https://github.com/skleinei/alfred-confluence/releases/download/1.0.2/alfred-confluence.alfredworkflow Docs: https://github.com/skleinei/alfred-confluence Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/alfred-confluence-quick-search  
    I've tested with Alfred 3 and on macOS Sierra. Hope you find it useful.
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    seanrwcrawford reacted to vitor in KeyCodes — Translate keyboard keys to AppleScript key codes   
    Quick reference for when you need to tell application "System Events" to key code in AppleScript. Call it with kc.

    Type a search term to filter keys.

    Download | Source
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    seanrwcrawford reacted to vitor in NewFile — Creates a new file in the current Finder directory   
    Call nf followed by a file name (if you don’t give it an extension, it’ll be .txt) to make a new file. If you type nfo instead the files will open after creation. If you have a Finder or Path Finder window as your frontmost window, the file will be created there, otherwise it will be created on your Desktop.

    Download | Source
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    seanrwcrawford reacted to ianhowson in EggTimer v2 [updated to 2.0 final]   
    It looks like this is unmaintained, so I took the latest release, made the tweaks to suit Alfred 3 and stuck it on GitHub. 
    Grab it at https://github.com/ihowson/EggTimer2/releases/tag/v1.0.0
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    seanrwcrawford reacted to paulsri in AirPods Audio Source Selector   
    Since getting the AirPods, I wanted to be able to switch between them and the default audio device(s) with Alfred.
    And I wanted to change both the input and output devices to the AirPods and back. e.g. avoiding the state of input = Built-in Microphone, while output = AirPods.
    Usage is pretty simple with the default being to enable the AirPods:
    airpods or 
    airpods on or
    airpods blah and to disable the AirPods or revert back:
    airpods off More detailed setup and configuration as well as dependencies and code are here:
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    seanrwcrawford got a reaction from kevnk in Mutify — Automagically Mute Spotify Ads   
    Thanks for this!
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    seanrwcrawford got a reaction from surrealroad in Reminders   
    Thanks for the offer of help, the issue was PEBCAK... I failed to take into account the importance of the "to" in the command. Thanks!
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    seanrwcrawford got a reaction from surrealroad in Reminders   
    Your new changes have made it useable for me again, thank you! Definitely one of my most used workflows so it's very appreciated.
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