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  1. @Vero Thank you for your advice, cranking down the key event speed fixed my problem and now all my auto-expanding snippets expand properly and consistently in Facebook on Chrome! I think this bug report can be closed. Many thanks!
  2. I’ve run into a very specific bug with auto-expanding snippets. I’m currently running Alfred 4.3.4 [1229]. I have an auto-expanding snippet set to replace ‘Montreal’ with ‘Montréal’ (the city name with the accent). I was having a chat with a friend on Facebook via Chrome (v 91.0.4472.114) on my Mac (11.4) when I was talking about the hockey team in Montreal and the auto-expanding snippet would kick in and replace Montreal with the contents of my clipboard instead. I then tried other websites like Google and the snippet worked as expected. I then tried Facebook in another browser (Firefox 89.0.2) and the snippets worked as expected. I have a couple of other auto-expanding snippets like ‘;em’ expanding into my email address and ‘receive’ turning into ‘recieve’ and both seemed to work properly in Facebook on Chrome. Although in my repeated testing I have found that ‘receive’ sometimes also expands into the contents of my clipboard on Facebook on Chrome. The Montreal snippet always seems to fail. I thought maybe it was the accent causing problems, but the inconsistent expansion of recieve has me confused. I’m not sure if this is a Chrome issue, Facebook, issue, or an Alfred issue but I figured I should report it just in case it was a Alfred issue.
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