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  1. Thanks that is exactly what I was looking for. For some reason my new Logitech keyboard with Logi Options daemon was interfering although I could not find a setting for the keyboard shortcut and it appeared to do nothing. I uninstalled it and set the shortcuts in Alfred and reinstalled it and now it is fine.
  2. I tried another test and I was able to use that hotkey in system preferences/keyboard/shortcuts so I know it is not being used.
  3. I have noticed this once or twice before. I was using a hotkey ctrl-opt-cmd-k and ctrl-opt-cmd-t for over a year now to launch 2 different apps. I went into my hockey workflow and remove the mappings and changed int for a brief moment and now I cannot put it back. If I try to change back to he original hotkey Alfred does not respond to the input when changing the hotkey. As if it is being used by another app. It is baffling.
  4. Thx - curios what the bug is since it is not an issue with Spotlight?
  5. I have noticed that some of the system preference icons are blank in the Alfred search bar when you type the name of the preference directly: General, Internet Accounts, Flash Player to name 3. See screenshots
  6. All this rhetoric is totally unnecessary as there are no problems in the App and it works beautifully. However, all of this can be dispelled with a simple answer of whether we can expect an update in 6 months, 1 year, 2 years etc..... Just a rough guideline since there has been no feedback on this for a very long time - over a year now. As I have stated in the past, I would like to see a new updated version for the iPhone with the latest iOS features but understand that Andrew has to allocate his time appropriately. I personally am willing to pay for such an update.
  7. I have been having this problem on and off for some time in Mac OS 10.15. It is sometimes Terminal but now it is also the Login window and Webex Teams. Any ideas.
  8. It has been almost 2 years this since was first discussed and I have not seen anything on expected release time frame. With all the changes in IOS an update is much needed. I would rather pay for the update and get it sooner than later.
  9. I am patiently awaiting a new release that supports Apple Shortcuts. I would be more than willing to pay for the update especially if it speeds up the lifecycle.
  10. Andrew, I use Alfred Remote every day and I was wondering if there is any update on when Alfred Remote Version 2 will be out? I am very interested and hoping it integrates more tightly with iOS. Looking for features like Siri and Shortcut support and an option to Connect to Alfred via Direct and Bonjour from the same device. Thx
  11. No Calendar and Reminder access will be prompted by Mac OS permissions when you run a work flow that needs access to Calendar or Reminders. At that point you need to say yes and grant access to Alfred. It will then show up here. You can run this simple workflow and it will request access but you need to download and install iCalbuddy. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pnx2xgm987nmii6/TEST.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  12. FYI - This was fixed by Andrew in another Post that I opened. Turns out it was Alfred not requesting permissions properly.
  13. Problem Solved. I was prompted to allow Alfred 4 access to Reminders and now everything works as expected. Thank you so much Andrew for the quick turn around. Is there a way to donate to Alfred Mega Supporter License after the fact? I would like to do so. I can not imagine life without Alfred
  14. Thanks Andrew, as a note Alfred 4 has access to Calendars in Privacy but not Reminders and iCalbuddy queries both the Calendar and Reminders DB. Also when deanishe was helping in the other post he noted that in 10.13 the test workflow I posted prompted Mac OS to grant permissions to Reminders when it called iCalbuddy.
  15. Alfred 4.0.1 Mac OS Mojave 10.14.5 I am able to duplicate the issue on 2 separate machines running 10.14.5 and with Alfred 4 however, everything works fine with Alfred 3. I have a workflow that was written by a friend in Python for Alfred 3 to query the Exchange Calendar and list the meeting invites and allow you to select one and join a WebEx meeting. It is broken since upgrading to Alfred 4. I tried doing some basic testing since it relies on iCalBuddy and when I try a simple BASH script in Alfred to output the Calendar entries in Alfred it fails. However, all othe
  16. So I looked at my console logs and I believe it is as we expected a permissions issue but since it is happening on 2 machines I believe it is an Alfred 4 with Mojave issue specifically. I will post a new message in the bug forum since I have now duplicated the issue on more than one machine. I receive the following log message every time I run the script from Alfred but I am never prompted to allow reminder access from Alfred. In addition, neither Alfred 4 or Alfred 3 has permissions to Reminders in Privacy settings however Alfred 3 works fine. That is why I believe it is a bug or compatia
  17. I thought so but wanted to make sure after my second machine has the same issue. I am running Mojave and security has been tightened again so perhaps it is related. I would like to see someone else test the workflow on Mojave. I checked and neither Alfred 3 or 4 has access to my reminders so not sure if that would be it but the iCalbuddy does list all the Calendars and the Reminders. Still baffled and thanks for all your help!
  18. Just finished an install of Alfred on another machine which the preferences are synced but that should not affect Permissions and I have the same result. No calendar entries show just the version number.
  19. Just to be clear did you get a list of the Calendars or just the version number.
  20. That was my feeling from the start but I never denied Alfred any privileges. Not sure where to go from here. Went to Request permissions and the one thing Alfred 4 has that Alfred 3 does not is in the image but there is no way to change this.
  21. Here you go. It is as basic as possible. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pnx2xgm987nmii6/TEST.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  22. That was my initial thinking and I checked all the Privacy permissions and most seem to coincide with Alfred 3. The only one that was granted for Alfred 3 and not for Alfred 4 was under Automation "Script Editor" and there is no way to grant it unless it is requested that I know of. Alfred 4 is granted access to Calendar and also to Full Disk but still does not work. I tried testing and ran a simple BASH Script workflow that printed the output and it runs the command: /usr/local/bin/icalBuddy -V fine When I try to print out the list of Calendars in Alfred with a BASH script
  23. I wanted to see if anyone else has run into issues with Alfred 3 workflows not functioning in Alfred 4. So far I only have the 1 broken and it appears as if Alfred does not like the iCalBuddy program. I tested and called the program from a BASH script in Alfred and it fails. It works fine in Alfred 3 so I suspect it has something to do with Alfred 4 burping at the fact the program throws errors when it runs even though it still works. The 1st command in BASH shell script in Alfred outputs the version but the second fails to output the calendar entries. Both work fine in Ter
  24. I have a workflow that stopped working in Alfred 4 upgrade. It use icalBuddy and now that seems to not be able to parse Calendars in Alfred. The workflow was written by someone in Python for Alfred 3 to query the Exchange Calendar and list the meeting invites and allow you to select one and join a WebEx meeting. It is broken since upgrading to Alfred 4. I tried doing some testing since it relies on iCalBuddy and when I try a simple BASH script in Alfred to output the Calendar entries in Alfred it fails. However all other generic arguments to iCalBuddy seem to work. I am wond
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