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  1. I will take a look at this, https://bunchapp.co/download/ as well edit: unfortunately bunch does not support window management at this time https://bunchapp.co/docs/bunch-files/window-management/
  2. Hello My name's Reid, I work as a software developer. I love alfred and bought the powerpack a long time ago. After work, I close all of my work applications. It's a pain to have to re-open everything the next day. I was wondering how to get started building a script to set my desktop automatically. Here's my preferred setup: Monitor #1: 1) Full Screen iTerm split horizontally with 2 panes pointed to 2 directories 2) Full Screen VSCode project 3) desktop (no applications open) 4) Full Screen VSCode project 5) Full Screen iTerm split 4 panes, pointed to 2 directories, with 2 scripts running 6) Full Screen VSCode project 7) Full Screen database application Monitor #2 (if available): 1) VSCode (not full screen, just open) 2) Google Chrome (not full screen, just open) Any tips, feedback, or links to tutorials are appreciated. Thank you!
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