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  1. Once again, thanks David for your help and willingness to share - it really is very much appreciated. All the best Steven
  2. David - works like a charm, thanks very much for all your help. I've taken a quick look at the PHP behind it, will digest over the next few days to get my head around what it's doing. All the best Steven
  3. Hi During testing of workflows, I've had the need to try a few different versions of the same workflow. To do this, and to make sure I invoke the right workflow I delete the other versions leaving only the one I'm testing. It'd be really great if there was a method to 'switch off' a workflow or workflows, so it still exists in the left side bar but is not active. Thanks! Steven
  4. Hi both Thanks for your help, it really is much appreciated David, I've tried the workflow above. When I enter a server using 'addserver' I get an error message in Growl/Notification Centre. The error message is cut off due to it's length and the available space in the Notification Centre window, but it starts: New Server Warning: array_combine(): Both parameters should have an equal number of elements... Just to make sure I'm entering the data correctly, I input this into the 'addserver' workflow in Alfred: 'addserver afp://' Once again, thanks for the help Steven
  5. Hi and thanks Ken that's great! I'd like to have a method of typing a abbreviation of the server name (without the smb/afp part) after srv to make it quicker. Using what you've given me and what I can find by googling aroundI'll see if I can work out the AppleScript for it. Will post back here if it works. Cheers Steven
  6. Hi Firstly, this may be a feature that can be handled by the Worklows addition to Alfred, though I don't have the skills to create the required scripts... I spend a large amount of my day working off Servers. Either Windows 2003/2008 or Mac OSX Server. To access the servers I use the CMD + K shortcut to access the 'Connect to server' dialog, then choose the server I want to connect to etc etc. I'd really like to be able to invoke Alfred, type a keyword (maybe 'srv') along with the required server name and have that server mount and open in finder. Hope that makes sense, if anyone can do this with Workflows I'd love to know how they've made it happen! Cheers Steven
  7. Hi I've noticed it's possible to open Alfred whilst in Mission Control (which may or may not be desirable) but will not accept text entry whilst there (which I guess is not desirable?). Alfred Version: B56 Mac OS version: 10.8.2 Steps to create: 1. Instigate Mission Control 2. Hit Alfred shortcut keys Please let me know if you need any more detail Kind regards Steven
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