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  1. Seems to be one of those tasks that, on the surface, appears simple, but isn't! I'll continue with maintaing the Workflow/OpenURL method then! Thanks for replying.
  2. Hi all, first post here. In Alfred v1 I had a action to open a list of URLs with a Hotkey. I can do the same in V2 if I create a Workflow with multiple URLs but would prefer, if possible, to have a workflow that opens all the URLs in a Safari Bookmarks folder. Sounds simple but I cannot fathom how I would achieve this? I have to check a list of a dozen or so sites multiple times per day and the list can change so it would be much easier if I could just use a hotkey to open all the URLs in the folder. I can them maintain the folder as required. I've even looked at using Automator but it seems impossible even there. Any ideas?
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