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  1. Thank you! After I tried the script there indeed was no result and then it occurred to me: For some reason I do not understand, there were no cite keys in the user1 field even though I was sure that I checked "create cite key when importing" in Bookends' setting. Ticked it again, manually created citekeys using CMD+Shift+K, now everything is working as expected. Thank you!
  2. I just tried it and I am experiencing the same issue with several different citation styles.
  3. Ah, thank you for pointing that out, I read your post too quickly that I missed that part.
  4. Just as an update: In the workflow hotkey settings there are three specific options on how to handle kotkeys ("regular", waiting until all keys are released and passing through to workflow), thus I tried to solve my issue by creating a specific workflow and chose the option "waiting until all keys are released". However, to no avail. When I set the hotkey to Shift Double Tap and press Shift once and immediately after that for example the combination Shift+T, Alfred is still being triggered. Same as with the "regular settings" such as the Universal Action hotkey
  5. Thank you, I think you analysed the issue much better than I could. Now, that you mentioned it, I was also experiencing the problem with hesitations between two shortcuts and hence tapping the key twice and maybe also by pressing two keystrokes in a row with a short delay. I also reproduced the issue by pressing Shift once and then Shift+any letter. It triggered the universal action that I set up with shift double tap.
  6. I recently switched back to Alfred from Launchbar after I noticed that Alfreds workflow options improved a lot and allow me to trigger an "instant send" function for both files and text with the same hotkey. Also, there now is the Universal Actions hotkey in the options of Alfred 4.5 beta (just checked it out, very nice). As I am very fond of the Shift-double tap-hotkey from Launchbar and as it is carved into my muscle memory, I would like to keep it that way. However, I noticed that the double tap sensitivity in Alfred is set a bit high as I often trigger the Universal Action/Instant-Send-Workflow accidentally when I am working with text. I use ALT+SHIFT+Arrows, ALT+Arrows, SHIFT+Arrows and CMD+Shift+Arrows, etc. a lot and I suspect it might happen there. The issue never occurred with Launchbar, which is why I'd rule out my weird typing mode as a source for the problem. Hence, my question: Is it possible to adjust the sensitivity of the double tap behaviour in Alfred? Looking forward to your suggestions.
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