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  1. I finally got to wrapping up a few features in this workflow. This version has an updater built in so you will be notified when new version are available. I've also included options to over-ride the automatic location lookup directly in the script settings. I wanted to keep the features of this pretty simple, but you can check out conigs version if you want something more. http://cl.ly/3l213I273h0r
  2. I manually ordered results by setting the `uid` for each to 1, 2, 3... Seems to be respecting that order.
  3. Yep, I'll include this in. I'm thinking I'll put it as a manual over-ride in the workflow preferences (like it was in the Alfred 1 version of the extension) so that it doesn't take away from the simplicity of auto-location for the people who want to use that. I'm going to spend some more time over the weekend including some feature requests and an update notifier and then I'll post another, hopefully final build.
  4. I'm using http://ipecho.net/plain to get the IP address you are connecting from and passing that to http://freegeoip.net/json/YOUR.IP.ADDRESS to get the location coordinates. Can you go directly to those sites to validate that the location returned is anywhere near you?
  5. This should fix that: http://cl.ly/293V3l0w3W0l The API docs said that it would potentially return nothing for the Next Hour summary, so I put that "No data" message. Rather than do that now, I just populate it with the next best guess.
  6. @nick, Thanks for pointing me to that extension. I had been wanting to do automatic location lookup but couldn't think of an elegant way to do it. This helped me figure it out. Try this, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. It does location lookup based on IP: http://cl.ly/3j0q1o303U3M
  7. OK, been working on this for a little while and then after fixing some issues, integrating @stouty's error handling, and moving over to David's workflow suite, I started to migrate to the new Forecast API. Long story short, the old API used to return very vague data, so I did a lot of cases to write their data out in full sentences. The new version of the API returns better data in most cases, which simplifies the code a ton. @stouty, I integrated most of your error handling with some minor tweaks. Thanks for this. I've mentioned you in the workflow readme. If you're interested in any other changes please send a pull request. @TychoX, you should see results coming back for Next 24 now since I'm just passing through what I get returned from the API. @nick, The previous API only supported American locations. This version should work since the v2 API has international support. Spend some time playing around with this build. The settings are back in the Alfred window (except the API key which is in `settings.plist`. I want to QA it more before I announce this as the 2.0 but it should work pretty well. Let me know of any issues. http://cl.ly/0g0c1v2h2p2t
  8. I've created a branch that I'm working off for now. You can see it here: https://github.com/nickwynja/darksky-alfred/tree/v2 While I'm stabilizing things, I've made it clear in the workflow title and keyword that it's a dev build. The biggest change you'll see while I'm working on it is that all the settings and code is in `darksky.php` and all Alfred is doing is calling the script. This just makes it easier to work on. For now, if you want to play around with this, just change your $lon and $lat in the PHP file by going "Open workflow folder" and changing it in a text editor. In the final version, you'll probably end up setting these in the Alfred prompt like in David's Weather workflow. I believe I squashed this bug. Your description of the issue was helpful, thanks. Here's a current build with that issue fixed. I'm going to keep working on improving this and possibly migrate to the new API with a few other changes before I tag this the 2.0. http://cl.ly/0l2P1s473s1B
  9. Getting a chance to jump back into this thread after a busy week. First thing I'm noticing is that changes are floating around which aren't compatible with how the extension works in v2 of Alfred. I'm going to update my changes into the Github repo so we can be working off of the same updated code. Dark Sky introduced their Forcast API but the Dark Sky API that this is running off still functions. I'll look into if Forcast.io can offer a bit better support but I want to leave the scope of this extension for just immediate weather checks, not full forecasts. I'll let David tackle that. I'll poke around the code for a bit and post back with what I find with the case that not all three elements are being returned. Here's what I'm seeing right now in NY.
  10. Hi all, As TychoX mentioned, I finally got a chance to install Alfred 2 over the weekend and updated my Dark Sky workflow. You can download the 2.0 compatible version at http://cl.ly/2y031N34363G. I'm working on a script filter version of the workflow that puts the output inline like David's Weather workflow. I want to make it better, like setting up latitude and longitude in Alfred rather than the settings, but for now here's the script filter version you can check out: http://cl.ly/0x2n0h1U0C1o Let me know if you find bugs or if it just plain doesn't work.
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