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  1. In Alfred 3 there are automatically expanded snippets by keywords. They are awesome and work almost flawlessly after enabling the appropriate accessibility feature. As I understand, as you already have the code for detecting those keywords (I guess, by catching the consecutive key presses?), it shouldn't be hard to allowing using those keywords to trigger workflow actions. This would allow us to call workflows from any textual input. So, instead of at first calling Alfred or a specific command here, you could just write the keyword for this command and alfred would either call the action or present you with the alfred input window for your workflow. After calling the workflow the keyword should be deleted from the input, and you should have a way to replace it with the workflow's result. That's the basic what could be done with catching the keywords, but what would be even cooler — catching non-static keywords by regexps. Instead of a static keyword like `foobar`, you could set it to `foo(\d+)bar`, for example, and it would call the workflow as soon as you'd write somewhere `foo1bar`, `foo3434bar` etc., with the variable parts of the regex match as input you could use in your workflow. This would open a lot of possibilities for workflow authors.
  2. Yays, not it's working blazing fast, thanks! (However, would it be in feature moved out of the right click, so users could discover those options easier?) Ah, it seems I failed to describe what I need properly. What I need there is to make a shortcut that won't launch an app, but would switch to it if it's already launched. So I would have something like fast option+v for switching to Photoshop, but it won't launch it, so when I press it as a mistake when I don't need Photoshop, it won't launch ('cause it takes too long to wait for it). Cool!
  3. Hi there. Today I moved from Alfred to Alfred 2 and saw that the widely used hotkeys should be done now in workflows. While moving all my previous ones I've generated this feedback, maybe something of it already been discussed here, but I hope most of it would be useful 1. New workflow for hotkeys work _slower_ than the original feature in Alfred. The difference is about 0.5s. While it's not that big, it's still noticable — I used to switch between apps fast, firing their shortcuts right after I presset the hotkey for launching an app. It worked before, but right now this shortcut I use is triggered not on the app I launched — there is that ~0.5s lag. (Added a bit later — sometimes there was even a 1-2s lag, however I couldn't reproduce it later) 2. Creating workflows could have so much improvements! 2.1. When you add a key trigger and then add an action, in 99% of cases you'd want them to be connected, right now it's manual work. 2.2. When you don't have an icon associated with workflow, but you've added only one app to launch, then it would be nice to use that icon instead workflow's default icon automatically. 2.3. If you didn't set the “author” for the workflow, then it would be better not to display “by Unknown” in the workflow list. 2.4. In Alfred 1 on the Hotkeys tab you could see the associated hotkeys for the apps right from start. It would be nice to show in the list of workflows the shortcut too, or any other trigger if possible — that could be used as a cheatsheet sometimes. 2.5. It would be nice to have a “Clone workflow” option under the “+” dropdown. When adding a lot of app-launching workflows it would be easier to clone and then edit existing ones than to create a new one from scratch each time. 2.6. Is there a way to add a workflow as a “Template”? It would be handy. 2.7. It would be nice if dragging app to a Alfred's workflow setup window would create a “launch app” action automatically. 2.8. And so on — there could be made a lot of similar little shortcuts and helpers to make creating workflow easier. 3. Feature request/quiestion: is there a way to make a workflow that would launch an app only if it's not already launched? There are some heavy-long-loading apps like Photoshop or Parallels which I don't want to launch occasinally when pressing some hotkey, howeever, if they're already run, I'd like to switch to them with that hotkey. 4. I can't see any way to attach a script that would fire _after_ the app launches. What I want to do is to launch/switch to an app using Alfred Workflow and then, when it runs and the focus is on it, run the script. “Output: Run Script” don't work — it triggers before the focus goes to the launched app. I can use `delay` in the script of course, but that would be ugly. 5. It would be nicer to have a way to select multiple blocks in a workflow editor, so I could drag them here and there altogether. 6. It would be nice to have a way to split one workflow to multiple. Like if I have multiple hotkey-app pairs and would want to move one of them to a new workflow. Cloning workflows would be one of the way to do this, or/and it would be nice to drag multiple selected blocks to a “+” sign to create a new workflow from those items. - - - While new Alfred is great, it's really sad that you need to move all your previous hotkey actions by hand and that the replacement for them is slower
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