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  1. Hello, this does not work for me, I get an error message, take a look at the screenshot:
  2. Every day I have to publish articles on the internet. That means, I also have to work with pictures, especially resizing, which gets annoying if it takes too much time. That's why I was looking for a simple way to resize, crop or pad an image with Alfred. This is the result: This workflow uses an AppleScript by Herman van Boeijen which I found here. You have 2 options to use this workflow: 1. You use the command "imgedit" + the name of the image or 2. You browse your files with Alfred, use the right arrow to show the available options and choose this workflow. Here some screen
  3. Weird, it looks like this: { "service": "wund", "icons": "grzanka", "key.fio": "88a6b92b8f6ecc59ccbbd8719f7e5f32", "days": 5, "time_format": "%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M", "version": 2, "location": { "latitude": 45.755539, "timezone": "Europe/Bucharest", "longitude": 21.237499, "name": "Timisoara, Romania", "short_name": "Timisoara" }, "units": "si" }
  4. I put the test-image file in "Downloads", so there are no spaces in the path. Now, the updated workflow does output an image, but it's not resized. This is the image I used. Also jpg to png does still not work.
  5. I used the "ci" command and set the extension to jpg first. The images are quite big, about 4000px in width so the scaling should not be a problem.
  6. This workflow doesn't work for me, it creates the "tmp" folder and that's it. I get a notification but the image is neither compressed nor converted.
  7. Is it just me or does Caffeinate disable the Screen Saver?
  8. Well, I updated to the new version, now it doesn't work anymore. I get the result "key.wund"
  9. Thanks a lot! Edit: One more thing, the results are often cut off when too long, is there some way to show them all?
  10. This is great, could you please do the same for openthesaurus.de?
  11. Thank God for this workflow. The coders said they would implement a search function in U3, but who knows when. Thanks a lot.
  12. Actually, there is no "recommended method" for freeing RAM as it is a bad idea to begin with. OS X handles the RAM management quite well, there is no need to free RAM as it will only slow down the system.
  13. The Caffeinate workflow: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/710-toggle-caffeine/ Also: It would be nice to post only one workflow. If you post 5 workflows and we like only 1, we can't like the whole post.. Just post more than once.
  14. Cool, that works. Would be cool to extend the script to launch Sparrow first (if it's not already launched) and than execute the script. I am not big into programming, but it should be something like this: on alfred_script(q) tell application "System Events" set isSparrowRunning to (count of (every process whose name is "Sparrow")) > 0 end tell if isSparrowRunning then tell application "Sparrow" to activate --- activates sparrow tell application "System Events" tell process "Sparrow" --- implying Sparrow is already activated key code 3 using {command dow
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