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    lendenmc reacted to deanishe in Pocket for Alfred   
    Hi Fabio,
    Just had a quick look at the code. It should work on 10.7, which has Python 2.7, but not 10.6 because argparse wasn't in Python 2.6.
    You'll have to include it in the workflow to support 10.6.
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    lendenmc reacted to idea4IT in Pocket for Alfred   
    Thanks for the info, Chris!
    I've updated Alfred-Workflow and pushed a new release which adds support for OS X 10.6+:
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    lendenmc got a reaction from Carlos-Sz in Evernote Workflow 9 beta 4 (Alfred 4)   
    Thanks for the tip. It didn't work at first.. but after I figured out I needed to update to your September 24th most recent version (8.91), it works like a charm. Very handy workflow, thanks a lot.
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    lendenmc reacted to Carlos-Sz in Pass selection in OS X   
    Here is a small change to handle files with AppleScript:
    set text item delimiters to tab set filePaths to text items of q set text item delimiters to "" repeat with filepath in filePaths set theFile to POSIX file filepath as alias --do stuff end repeat It is a good practice to set the text item delimiter to its default value.
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    lendenmc reacted to Carlos-Sz in Take selected items and move them to a preset folder, Applescript question   
    Try this code:
    set filelist to “{query}" set text item delimiters to tab set theArray to every text item of filelist set text item delimiters to "" repeat with eachitem in theArray set a to POSIX file (eachitem) set b to POSIX file ("/Users/USERNAME/Desktop/Temp") tell application "Finder" to move a to b end repeat
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    lendenmc reacted to Vero in Going Back to Search after Selection   
    You can press the Esc key to return to the list of search results from the file actions screen
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    lendenmc reacted to greghoch in Zotero Support   
    I am pretty far with a workflow that allows you to search for items in your zotero database, open attachments and reveal items in zotero standalone. But it's still going to take some time before I can share the version, which requires adding some settings for the location of the zotero database etc. 
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    lendenmc reacted to palobo in Zotero Support   
    It shouldn't be too difficult then to get a functional workflow. I don't have much free time right now but when I do get some, if nobody has tackled this then I'll give it a go.
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