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  1. @giovanni - Hook look interesting, never heard of it before. Thanks
  2. @deanishe - thank you, the error I described above (-1708), I guess, is just what you predicted. In this specific use case (Alfred and Obsidian) a very simplistic workflow does the job. I guess the <> preserves the path so Obsidian understand it. I will give your suggested an approach later Thanks a lot!
  3. @giovanni - thank you for your suggestion. I've tried it and got an error that went a bit over my head: [13:27:59.980] Copy filepath to obisidan[Hotkey] Processing complete [13:27:59.982] Copy filepath to obisidan[Hotkey] Passing output '( "/Users/micke/Downloads/skiss_stenbolaget.jpg" )' to Run NSAppleScript [13:27:59.984] ERROR: Copy filepath to obisidan[Run NSAppleScript] { NSAppleScriptErrorNumber = "-1708"; } [13:27:59.984] Copy filepath to obisidan[Run NSAppleScript] Processing complete [13:27:59.985] Copy filepath to obisidan[Run NSAppleScript] Passing output '' to Co
  4. I love my M1 MBP!

  5. I am using Obsidian as a PKB and find myself doing quite a lot unnecessary pdf file copying from my reglar storage of pdf files to obsidian's attachment folder. To stop this I decided to copy the file's actual URL and paste the file path into my obsidian markdown file, and avoid the double storage. Copying the URL is easy, option-right-click and select Copy as Filepath, and then past the URL into obsidian. But I need to add extra characters to the URL every time to make it useful/clickable in Obsidian. So I like to automate this a bit. I am sure there are a lot of similar use cases apart from
  6. @Andrew, maybe you want @deanishe to answer but this is how I reproduce the same error in TextEdit 1. I create a new note (cmd+n) 2. I insert two lines of random text 3. I press cmd+up_arrow (to go to the top left position in the note) 4. I press enter to get a new line at top 5. I press up_arrow to go to the top line 6. I write my snippet ("ddate" which should expand to {date}) and it does not expand However, if you don't follow this exactly the snippet expands, for example if I only do 1. and 6. it works. Also, when I jumped between this post
  7. My normal behaviour is this: I go to the top of the file by ⌘-↑, Enter, ↑, and then enter the snippet text as the first text in my new entry. And when this doesn't work, I delete the snippet text by hitting destructive backspace and then the snippet again. And this time it works. It is a bit tricky with modifier keys plus arrow keys since most are assigned to window management, but alt-↑ seems unassigned and when using it the snippet expands as expected. So I'd say this aligns with what you say.
  8. Hi @Andrew, As @deanishe I also have the Mid-string expansion enabled but the problem is still there. But I understand you're already addressing this. Thanks /Mike
  9. Hi @deanishe, Thank you for your reply and input - and you are right, it works fine if you create a new document. So I have to update the bug description, it is a repeatable bug if you try to expand the snippet in an existing text-file in the top left position of the document. So for example: in NValt create a new note, call it test; insert random text; got to top of document; insert a new line (cr); move to the top left position in the document; write snippet - it does not expand the first time /Mike Versions: NValt 2.2.7 (125) macOS 10.12.1 (16B2555 Alfred 3.2 Build
  10. Hi Snippets work great all over macOS including NValt - except as the first input/first-line-first-characters in a note in NValt. This might seem like an edge case but my problem is that I use NValt for journaling and always insert new journal entries at the top of the journal, starting with todays date by using a snippet. This bug can be reproduced every time, and the work-around is to enter any character and then the snippet, then to remove the extra character. Please note that snippets work fine anywhere else in NValt. Thanks /Mike
  11. I believe this is during the beach ball (and not the sample request itself that hung Alfred): Sampling process 28380 for 3 seconds with 1 millisecond of run time between samples Sampling completed, processing symbols... Analysis of sampling Alfred 2 (pid 28380) every 1 millisecond Process: Alfred 2 [28380] Path: /Applications/Alfred 2.app/Contents/MacOS/Alfred 2 Load Address: 0x100000000 Identifier: com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2 Version: 2.0.2 (178) Code Type: X86-64 (Native) Parent Process: launchd [181] Date/Time:
  12. I have a similar issue. When Finder is busy (beach ball) waiting for response from my NAS (Synology 211 that is very slow due to maintenance work) and I launch Alfred eg to start an instance of Safari the Alfred window "hangs" for a long time. I have to revert to Spotlight to get some work done. Alfred 2.0.2 (b178) OSX 10.8.3
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