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  1. I would love an optional argument to open all iCloud tabs. Is this possible?
  2. David, I just tried out your script and it works just the way I want! And it's so simple: "kMDItemUserTags". Thank you!
  3. Ability to search Mavericks tags would be appreciated at least by me. Although I don't see spotlight showing results using it yet so this might be a tall order.
  4. I have alfred on two computers. I changed the theme on one of my computers and the other one didn't change. I have already set up dropbox and preferences to sync over that. This makes me conclude that themes are not set up to sync like workflows are set up.
  5. I had this alfred.preferences file appear somewhere in my file system. I moved it to another directory and now my workflows in Alfred are missing. I don't want to spend time recreating my workflows. How do I quickly fix this if I can?
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