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  1. Yeah, struggling with bad output from R. I got this working.
  2. Actually, my output may be bad. Let me look into that.
  3. So I have a workflow that basically does this: - Grabs selected text (a column of numbers from Numbers) - runs a ruby script that generates a histogram of those numbers using R - saves that histogram to disk and outputs the filename What I'd like to do next is open that file in Preview. I've tried running a script after the first script that just calls "open {query}" but it doesn't open the file. There's an open file action, but I can't string an action after an action. Any ideas?
  4. Ahhh, how did I miss that!? Thanks for pointing it out, exactly what I needed.
  5. There are many workflows I'd love to make that need the basic requirement of operating on whatever text is selected in the front most app. I've googled around and haven't found a straightforward way of making this possible. Anybody know how I might be able to grab the currently selected text when triggering a workflow?
  6. As I've been learning about Workflows, I've run into a few cases where I'd love to be able to handle different key presses in different manners. For example, let's say I have a Workflow for converting image types that is based on a script filter... - I type something - A list of images comes up - hitting Enter on the selected image will run a standard conversion to JPEG - OR I could hit tab to be presented with a different list of options for that item such as - convert to PNG - scale and convert to standard size - open image - etc. Another option would be for Alfred to
  7. I'm running into this same issue. Every time I hit enter on an invalid item, Alfred just disappears. I'll file a report in the Bug Report forum.
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