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  1. Awesome! Tank you Vitor.
  2. Hello, has someone already made a workflow for a Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address Service like ? I wanted to make something for Guerrilla and read the API Guide on i don't know where to start and think i am not familiar with Alfreds Workflows.
  3. After rebuilding the OS X Metadata Cache, it seems to work fine again. Thank you for the "Spotlight" Hint
  4. Yes and No
  5. Yes
  6. Yesterday i updated to 10.10.3 (Beta) Today i installed TextSoap TextSoap is not offered in Alfred search results. I assume no new App will now be offered in Alfred Search Results. Using: Alfred 2.6 27th Jan 2015
  7. Thank you for your really awesome Workflows. Why not add them to Packal when they already support Alleyoop?
  8. Do you see an error code? Normaly, you just need to open the *.alfredworkflow File and Alfred will import it.
  9. Link is fixed and working now.
  10. Changed the Download URL. It may take 1-2 hours until it's routed and working. I am sorry for the slight delay.
  11. This one is no longer maintained + the download link is invalid. Can a moderator please close this thread? Thank you. :-)
  12. This one is no longer available, because i switched to Dash. The Download link is invalid. Can a moderator please close this Thread? Thank you :-)
  13. Updated Download location and changed the alleyoop json, to reflect the new download location. No other changes = same version.
  14. Excellent. Thank you.
  15. Thank you for this awesome workflow! I have replaced your Icon in my copy, because i do not like Icons with non-transparent backgrounds You can use it if you like for your Workflow. I made it by myself and "release" it without any copyright...