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  1. It took me a while to understand this but i must say, well done i can find almost everything with this workflow.
  2. Link ​Use with Terminal Hack: defaults write com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2 experimentalBlur -int 13
  3. Sure! Sorry for late reply. Here it is
  4. got it quicker than i thought it would take. thx.
  5. Thanks for the response. I would like to make a workflow that mounts my drive. I have two partitions so what i would like to do is mount both. Is this possible and if so can you tell me how?
  6. Could anyone tell me how to make this? Thanks
  7. Thanks for tip. i'll give it a shot. Couldn't you just add your flash drive to the search scope?
  8. It does not. I am running DP4 of Mavericks so that might be the issue here. But, even in ML Alfred seems to have trouble showing these file types. For example, take com.apple.dock.plist i can find it in Spotlight but for some reason it refuses to show in Alfred.
  9. Could this be added to the "find" and open "keywords"? It seems like Alfred doesn't find everything in the query whereas spotlight does. For example plist files, bin files and the like.
  10. Can you ask him to add quicklook to dictionary?
  11. I don't like using finder or any other file managers. I think alfred spoiled me, I expect a little too much of it. It would be kinda convenient for me, less apps the better, less use finder the better. Alfred has replaced or introduced me to quite a few utilities and File managing from alfred is something that could be pretty cool for me. Path remembering is oddly not working, kinda strange it used to work I guess a reindex.
  12. Here is a copy of his theme. Not completely accurate but whatever.
  13. I would like to replicate this myself. Maybe try turning full fuzzy matching in alfred. It's in alfred preferences, advanced.
  14. More detail please. Could you take a screenshot your window? Press command + shift + 3.
  15. Thing is, setting a workflow is ideal here. Full fuzzy matching won't show for example 'ome' or the last 3 letters of an app/file which is also what he wants. For most everything else, he should be good. It's his only option in this case, and that's what i was trying to say..
  16. This will help: Alfred Preferences >Advanced >App matching >Full Fuzzy match It won't search for the last three words though. So do this: Make a workflow and set a hotkey or keyword to launch files, in this case, chrome and set it to no argument.
  17. A bit off course, I would really find it useful if Alfred wouldn't magically dissapear every time I select a new window, there could be a check option for that. Countless times I need to keep an alfred window open and look at another window for a sec and then come back. Or copy some text by eye. File navigation could be a lot better as well. Maybe tabs and multiple windows in the far term future (I can wait) also, Alfred ought to remember paths. When I go into say my volume directory hit macintosh hd, hit users hit my documents, close alfred, it only remembers up to volumes, really not good, and it happens with every directory that has somewhat of a path. //rant
  18. I wonder if i need a dropbox account in order for it to dl into a .appearance file.
  19. How do i apply this? I get a txt file.
  20. Thanks, i also got it to work by changing some lines of code as you stated in page 1. I forgot to do the export path part my bad.
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