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  1. Woah, thats oxymoron. Alfred is integrated yet not sandboxed.
  2. Will it ever be updated to 2.0? It's not too big a deal for me but for someone who likes getting everything from the MAS it could be an issue. Edit: forgot the t in the title can a mod fix it?
  3. Ddyracer

    Minimal Alfred

    I like it, except the turquoise text in the search query. I think white would be better, and just taste here but i kinda like having the shortcuts invisible.
  4. So you like minimalism. Ok, but for a transparent theme I dunno, you can barely see it and knowing where the window ends kinda helps clicking the hit target when your moving the alfred window. That's my defense lol.
  5. I think i'm an idiot, the DS workflow actually checks the iOS app store not the MAS. What a fool
  6. Good point, I did miss the ratings feature. What exactly do you mean "move to mac app store directly"?
  7. You may not know about this: iTunes Store Workflow. It has the Mac App Store as well. It's by Daniel Shannon.
  8. Your welcome! I never use those shortcuts myself so i didn't put them in. Btw, lots of themers here like borderless windows why is that? I like the border and think it looks too bare and it's hard to see where the window ends without it but that's just me.
  9. So, has anyone made or heard of one? Really would love to see the forecast by hour so i don't have to Google it.
  10. Thanks! I like some border so it doesn't look too bare but i totally see why some might hate it.
  11. So I made a transparent theme, which you probably should use with a completely black wallpaper or completely white for the best effect and/or use the blur hack. Click here for the link. Please let me know what you think Here's what it looks like: So, i thought the theme could use some subtle changes so here you go: Before Blur After
  12. This hack is so cool, turned mine off for now though. Thanks Andrew!
  13. Ddyracer

    Mint theme

    So, I thought why not change my current turquoise theme to something that reminds me of mint which I love. And here it is... Please let me know whether you like it or not and give me some pointers (if you think it sucks) on what to improve. I guess i'll give the theme file if you guys think it's worthy enough
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