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  2. From your first post I got the impression i had to do a little bit of the 13 steps after the setup. Well, ill give it a shot.
  3. After setting it up what do you have to every time for the workflow to work? I don't DL YouTube vids often so i could just use your workflow, then convert natively I guess.
  4. I think I will just convert the video with osx built in encoder. Definitely faster.
  5. You can also reset the search scope as a easier way to enable your bookmarks.
  6. Nice, it mutes everything i like it.
  7. Like the action results?
  8. So, do you need help or do you want a workflow (which i assume you know how to do) made easier?
  9. I can't really help you if you wish to reveal in finder with a keyword, as i can't get it to work. But, if you want to browse the files in Alfred that's easier, just select no argument. It's in Templates> Show Alfred> File System Navigation for Specified Path
  10. How stable is it? I'm asking because i'm not sure whether to update incase of bugs.
  11. Andrew is considering integrating an updater in a future update.
  12. Is there a youtube downloader for audio only workflow? I searched but couldn't find one.
  13. Awesome, no more ugly smashed text on the boot. Lookin' good!
  14. Some have alleyoop, which gives a list of updates and downloads, but you still have to re-import the workflow. Andrew (Alfred's Pa) is working on bringing native support.
  15. If you double click the hotkey, a dialog window comes up, then type into the text field at the bottom of the window. Glad I finally understood, It was stupid of me to not improvise here.
  16. Alright, so thanks to Tyler Eich workflow i got this to work. You still need to add the path you want, and the hotkey of course but I think it's what you want, as it reveals it in finder. Check his workflow out.
  17. You want to reveal the path In finder? It can be done. I will try later.
  18. The template can do that though, with a hotkey. I guess im an idiot, I don't see what the difference is in what you requested.
  19. You want to browse your directory right? In Alfred you can do this by navigating with the arrow keys.
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