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  1. I have a request. Can you show the facts in Alfred as an option, or is that non-no?
  2. Backups stored forever. If you mean query history its stored for 5 minutes and can stay for 20 searches if you use the up arrow. Then, It refreshes to the latest searches.
  3. Templates>Files & Apps>Launch file group from keyword It doesn't work with a argument for some reason though, could be a bug.
  4. Is this what your looking for? Here is how to access it.
  5. Ddyracer


    It works!
  6. Take a look at this. He did, I prefer the one above however, as it shows your whole list inside alfred and not in qlmanage.
  7. I would like to sign up for the api, but does it have anything substantially different than Ferguson's?
  8. Slick workflow, does it bring up results in Alfred for some apps? Because I tried it in safari, and it opens it.
  9. Ddyracer


    You could try using this site. It works.
  10. Ddyracer


    There is an easier way. Just hit share, then export the theme, makes it more simple for both of us.
  11. Nah, it opens it in Alfred so it's accurate.
  12. That could be it, turn it off maybe it will help.
  13. That's fine, just what i asked for.
  14. Finally, a resize tool. I have a suggestion. Could you make a keyword to activate your workflow, and show all the actions?
  15. I added this to your desktop and download workflow, (also added force empty) and now it empties it too!
  16. That's the spirit Think i'll just remove the uptime for now.
  17. No, if you said it somewhere here it most have passed me. Speaking of which, wouldn't it be more clean and organized to make a thread? I mean this was a request and that's great, but i want to go to the first post and just DL the latest version there, read bug fixes and such and can't, you really ought to consider making a thread.
  18. Ddyracer

    OS X Menu Bar

    You can enlarge by holding the command button and hovering over till Alfred tells you what you want to change.
  19. Wow, it wasn't working at all before you updated. Could be useful for marathon frying sessions, thx!
  20. This is driving me nuts, can you tell me where to add a space?
  21. Ddyracer


    How do I apply it? It's xml.
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