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  1. Yes, Spotlight finds the files by content in these scenarios.
  2. Hello, I'm using Alfred 4.3.4 [1229] on macOS 10.14.6. I believe I've found an indexing bug, let me walk you through how I identified it. (I can reproduce it every time) I was trying to find a file (by using "in <word in my file>"), but Alfred didn't find it. After spending quite some time using other tools to find back my file (let's say it's in the ~/Documents/Notes folder), I was puzzled as it indeed contained the word I was looking for. I tried again, with the file opened, to find it using Alfred and "in <word>". Still wasn't working. I copy and pasted the file on my Desktop. I tried "in <word>" again with Alfred, which did find my file on the Desktop, but not the one in ~/Documents/Notes. So Alfred can't find a file in ~/Documents/Notes, but it can find it if I put it in ~/Desktop. I ran the diagnostic tool on the file in ~/Documents/Notes, but it seemed alright: ✅ Troubleshooting passed I deleted the file I copied on my Desktop, and dug a bit more. My ~/Documents/Notes folder contains 3 files: Travail.rtf sante.rtf Santé.rtf The file I was trying to locate, but Alfred couldn't find, was sante.rtf. If I do "in <word>" in Alfred, with: - a word that's in Travail.rtf → Alfred finds it - a word that's in sante.rtf → Alfred can't find it - a word that's in Santé.rtf → Alfred can't find it So it seems that sante.rtf and Santé.rtf, both in the same folder, can't be found by Alfred. My guess is that it is due to the fact that both filenames are very close to each other, which Alfred might not like.
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