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  1. I like it so far! Is there a way to have this script also install alfred extensions?
  2. When I use this, the icons disappear for only a second and then re-appear. This happened with an Alfred V1 workflow, maybe something to do with Mountain Lion?
  3. Works great thanks! Is there a way to add this to the file action list?
  4. Hello, I was looking for a workflow version of this, but for whatever strange reason when I try to start a screencast or audio recording the Evernote Helper tries to open instead of Quicktime. Any ideas?
  5. I love the idea! The Objective-C version was working for me, then I tried the Applescript version after you updated and it won't let me add or search tasks.
  6. This works more smoothly than the extension I was using in V1, thanks!
  7. I used this install extension in Alfred 1 a fair amount, but the developer doesn't seem to have posted anything for a long time, I doubt it will be updated for Alfred 2. Someone want to tinker with it? It takes a downloaded file (zip, mpkg, pkg, dmg, and originally alfredextension files) and installs them, then moves the installation file to the trash. Might be useful with all the new workflows flying around! Original - http://otijhuis.tumblr.com/post/12988763001/alfred-install-extension
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