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  1. Hmm. I'm not sure why it wouldn't just work... it has worked out of the box on all three of my computers. :-/ The AppKit Python module comes from PyObjC, which I think has been standard on OS X since 10.5. Pygments is bundled with the workflow, so that shouldn't be a problem either.
  2. I built a workflow that applies syntax highlighting to the text in the clipboard. By default, it performs RTF-based highlighting and stores the output in the clipboard as rich text so that the colorized content can be pasted into applications like Keynote and Evernote. The workflow uses a script filter to let you select the programming language. It's totally self contained, using the Pygments library which is bundled in the workflow. You can easily customize the script to change the output format (to HTML, for example) or pick a different Pygments color scheme. You can download the workflo
  3. This is a really cool idea, thanks for sharing. I made a slightly more sophisticated implementation that uses script filters to display a list of available inputs and outputs. Download here: http://seg.phault.net/alfred/Manage%20Audio.alfredworkflow Note: my version requires the user to place the `audiodevice` binary in the workflow folder.
  4. Thanks for the response, David! Waiting for 3-4 characters before executing a script filter will definitely help a lot.
  5. One more: Make it so that you can assign a custom fallback for a specific file/script filterUsage scenario: when Evernote file filter finds no matching note, execute AppleScript that passes query to Evernote app's built-in search
  6. Thanks! Great workflow, but I especially appreciate your Python class for generating the XML. That's very convenient. :-)
  7. I published my first workflows on my blog over the weekend: http://blog.phault.net/2013/01/my-first-workflows-for-the-alfred-v2-beta/ GITHUB SEARCH (Download) The scripting filter that I made for this workflow (written in Python) allows you to search for repositories on GitHub. It uses the GitHub REST API to display results directly in Alfred as you are typing. Select a repository from the results and hit enter to visit the repository’s GitHub page in your default web browser. If you hold the “alt” key when you hit enter, the workflow will instead open the official GitHub app for Mac OS X
  8. Some feature requests that I documented over the weekend while writing my first workflow: Ability to buffer input for script filters (Wait until user is finished typing before calling script)Usage scenario: more reliable usage of web script filters that hit slow web APIs (e.g. GitHub repo search) Debugging tools for script filters, or at least a mechanism that lets me see stdoutUsage scenario: It'd be great to be able to know if my Python script raised an exception or emitted bad XML. Allow keyboard shortcut to open Alfred file browser at a certain pathUsage scenario: cmd+ctrl+shift+d to bro
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