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  1. Thank you! This took me an entire day to decipher but I got it to work. So awesome. And yea, your way was much easier! Again, thank you so much.
  2. Hi everyone...as title states. I purchased the PowerPack and have watched a few tuts, but Alfred intimidates me bc Im just not a coder. What I'm looking for based on my workflow: I download something into my Downloads folder I open up Finder I choose the files (usually multiple files) I want to move Type in something like "moveto videos" into Alfred File gets moved to the new folder that I designate There are like 3-4 main folders that I use alot and need to create this for bc its taking me too much time to do it manually. I know there is Alfred's built-in Copy To/Move to, but I need to do it the way above. I've also looked at and installed the workflow from this thread, but that has an extra step that I don't want. Anyways, would love to get this working and I am happy to pay someone if needed.
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