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  1. Thanks for the reply Andrew. Unfortunately I don’t have a clear recollection of when Alfred’s sort order for bookmark results stopped working for me. It’s been this way for months. I cleared data (history/cache?) losing my other preferred top items history (apps, etc.) a couple of months ago but it did not resolve the bookmark ordering issue for me. I can’t remember exactly when everything went sideways for me (sorry, not helpful I know). I remember the new caching and the reading list results but I could live with it. I switched to Chrome as
  2. I'm sure there's a technical reason why Alfred changed the way it handles bookmarks in searches, but the new method is a significant regression for me. Previously I could type the partial name or domain of a bookmark and the relevant Safari and Chrome bookmarks would display with the most used one as first item. You could force first item by re-running the query and selecting the desired item a few times. 1) Now Safari bookmarks are always listed first even though I use the Chrome bookmark more often. Chrome is set as the default system browser, so it makes no sense fo
  3. Thanks for the fast response. I think I use all your workflows now, they're really well made. Someone else asked above but are you considering releasing the source of the embedded binary? I enjoy learning how these are made. It's educational to see a well designed workflow.
  4. Excellent workflow. Thank you. Would it be possible to add a delete function for items?
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