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  1. Index rebuilt, Alfred’s cache reloaded: everything now appears to work fine. This is however a bit odd because I had rebuilt Spotlight’s index not too long ago actually. Anyway, thanks for your help @deanishe!
  2. Hey thanks a lot for the reply. Ran the troubleshooter on a file Alfred couldn’t find. Strange thing is that it says metadata is missing but Spotlight can find it. It can that be possible? Starting Diagnostics... File: 'Academique.bib' Path: '/Users/alexandre/' ----------------------------------------------------------- Check file cache database... ✅ File cache integrity is ok ----------------------------------------------------------- Check if file is readable... ✅ Alfred has permissions to read this file. ----------------------------------------------------------- Check if volume '/' is indexed by macOS... ✅ Indexing is enabled on this drive ----------------------------------------------------------- Check direct file metadata... ⚠️ Direct metadata is missing, this file is likely not indexed by macOS Display Name: Other Names: Content Type: Last Used: ----------------------------------------------------------- Check mdls file metadata... ❌ macOS metadata missing essential items kMDItemFSContentChangeDate = (null) kMDItemFSCreationDate = (null) kMDItemFSCreatorCode = "" kMDItemFSFinderFlags = (null) kMDItemFSHasCustomIcon = (null) kMDItemFSInvisible = 0 kMDItemFSIsExtensionHidden = (null) kMDItemFSIsStationery = (null) kMDItemFSLabel = (null) kMDItemFSName = (null) kMDItemFSNodeCount = (null) kMDItemFSOwnerGroupID = (null) kMDItemFSOwnerUserID = (null) kMDItemFSSize = (null) kMDItemFSTypeCode = "" ----------------------------------------------------------- ❌ Troubleshooting failed
  3. I have two exported Zotero libraries in a subfolder of my home folder: A.bib and B.bib. Spotlight can find both of those files. For some reason, searching either through [space], open or find with Alfred only finds A. This happens with all other files at random: two files with the same extension, in the same folder, and Alfred can find one but not the other. Can someone help me figure out what is wrong here?
  4. Sorry pulled all my files out of this "driveFS" ; lost too much time already with this. Thanks though.
  5. A temporary fix is better than no fix. The point of my post was to show the discrepancy between what files Spotlight can find, and what files Alfred can find.
  6. Been affected by this too ; just rebuilt the Spotlight index with mdutil -E -a and although mdutil says "Error: unknown indexing state" on some folders (both in and out of my drive folder, weird) I can now find with Spotlight files both "streamed" from the new GDrive app and specific folders synced to Google Drive without problem. However, Alfred, even after reloading its cache, can’t find neither with the file search feature.
  7. I migrated the Google Backup & Sync app to their new Google Drive for Desktop app. Now part of my google drive looks cached somewhere buried in ~/Library (I chose to "stream" part of my Google Drive as I have 1.5TB of data in there, can’t sync that to my MBP) and the app thus created what looks like a NFS mount point in /Volumes/Google Drive. Problem is, adding that path to the search scope in Alfred hasn’t helped: all my drive files now aren’t found anymore through Alfred’s search feature. Anything special about mount points which would prevent searching in that location? I’ve reloaded Alfred’s cache; nothing. Thanks!
  8. Yeah that’s what I supposed! Maybe migrating my library had overloaded the OS or something. Anyway, now it’s working again! 🙂
  9. Hey actually I just tested it again and no error 🤔 Maybe restarting my machine/alfred/etc has cleared some cache/memory or something!
  10. Yes specific to the workflow, I missed the workflow help section. Thanks.
  11. I’m in the process of migrating my Zotero library and am using the ZotHero plugin. However, reloading the data ("zotconf" followed by "Reload Zotero Data") lead repeatedly to the following message by Alfred (after a long wait) : Reason: Failed to set posix_spawn_file_actions for fd -1 at index 2 with errno 9 It's likely that the folder required to run this task has somehow been deleted, perhaps syncing? This error isn't that serious, just try again :) Related Workflow Info... Name: 'ZotHero' Folder:/Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.4ADAB1AB-6919-4451-BD86-F74F418792DB The workflow was working fine before the migration (which added many items in my library). Is there anything I could do? Is this a bug in Alfred? It seems to be "lower-level" than the Python script in which the workflow is written (i.e. too many file descriptors opened?) Alfred version: 4.5 (1253) OS: Big Sur 11.4
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