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  1. There are now over 3000 users logged in via OAuth! Thanks to all of you, especially for your comments on twitter and your issues and pull requests on github. I've released version 1.5 today: https://github.com/gharlan/alfred-github-workflow/releases
  2. GitHub Enterprise support is available now!
  3. At the moment it is not possible. You can find a discussion about this feature request on github: https://github.com/gharlan/alfred-github-workflow/issues/37
  4. I think so too. But my auto-release script removes some files before generating the .alfredworkflow file. I don't use Dropbox syncing, so I can not help here.
  5. I code in the workflow directory and this is also my git directory. So I have one directory only. And if I push to github, a WebHook on my website is called automatically, which generates the new workflow file from source. Then all the users of my workflow will get an update message the next time they use the workflow, and after confirming the workflow will be updated automatically. So I don't have to copy between directories or export and upload new versions. I only have to develop in the workflow directory and to push to github.
  6. The blur hack does not work in Mavericks.
  7. Created a bigger update (after many updates with small feature additions in the last months). The cache is refreshed in background now, so the performance/responsiveness should be much better.
  8. Use "Custom" and this script: on alfred_script(q) tell application "Terminal" activate tell application "System Events" to tell process "Terminal.app" to keystroke "t" using command down do script q in front window end tell end alfred_script It will open a new tab in the main window of TotalTerminal. If you want to use the existing tab, delete the line starting with 'tell application "System Events"…'.
  9. The blur hack seems to not working in OS X Mavericks at the moment.
  10. Nice workflow! But it does not work with umlauts, try "gte über".
  11. Update: On weekend I updated the workflow because GitHub has changed the command bar. And today I added the possibility to search files in repos (gh user/repo /path/to/file). See the README on GitHub for a list of all commands.
  12. Update: I added the missing "gh user/repo issues new" command. And before some weeks I added copy & paste possibilities: With cmd+enter the URL of the current item is copied and pasted to the frontmost app. If you just want to copy the URL, hit cmd+c.
  13. derfla

    Send URL

    Thank you for sharing this workflow, it is my favorite! But can you use unique uids for the items? So Alfred would put the most recently used item at the top of the list.
  14. I just updated the workflow. New features are Issue searching (e. g. "gh github/github #searchterm") and a self-update mechanism for the workflow. DOWNLOAD | GitHub Repository
  15. Another way to replicate the issue: Download "Open Folders in TextMate" workflow from here: http://blog.alfredapp.com/2013/01/12/v2-beta-a-few-workflows-to-get-you-started/ 1. type "fold", hit TAB on "Search folders only", type "a", hit ENTER on the second item 2. type "fold", hit TAB on "Search folders only", type "a" -> the selected item of 1. is now on top (because of "Top Result Keyword Latching") 3. type "fold", hit ENTER on "Search folders only", type "a" -> the selected item of 1. isn't on top any more
  16. Why is this topic moved to "Workflow Creators"? In my opinion it's a bug..
  17. If you want that Alfred opens new Terminal tabs instead of windows (for "Open Terminal Here" and ">"), then do this: Open Alfred Preferences, Go to "Features" Go to "Terminal / Shell" Select Application "Custom" Paste this script into the textbox: on alfred_script(q) tell application "Terminal" activate tell application "System Events" to tell process "Terminal.app" to keystroke "t" using command down do script q in front window end tell end alfred_script Maybe it's usefull for some of you.
  18. Very nice! I want to upload a new version of my github workflow, but I get this error message: I think it's because I've uploaded the workflow before there was the registration…
  19. In my GitHub Workflow I solved it this way: Video At first the user only sees the login command (gh > login <user>, I use ">" as indicator for commands to manage the workflow itself). After calling this login command with a username, I open (with applescript) a dialogbox for the password. So the password does not appear in the Alfred history.
  20. In Germany addresses are always formatted like this (ML Addressbook): But Alfred puts the postal code under the city: I guess it is the normal format in the UK, but in Germany it is very unusual. So it would be very nice, if Alfred uses different formats for (some) countries.
  21. In a workflow I use an item with valid=no and an autocomplete value. If I hit TAB on this item, everything is fine. But if I hit ENTER, Alfred ignores its knowledge for the results. To demonstrate this, I've built an example workflow: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/13250089/alfred/test.alfredworkflow 1. type "test action ", select "test action b", hit ENTER 2. type "test ac", hit TAB -> "test action b" is now on top 3. type "test ac", hit ENTER -> "test action a" is on top, but I would expect "test action b" as in 2.
  22. Thanks for the feedback! It should already work this way: Example (I typed: "gh github/", DOWN, DOWN, TAB, "is", DEL, DEL, "#")
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