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  1. Kippt is no longer a supported project, so I won't be spending time improving this workflow — but it is open source, so feel free to have a look yourself! View source on GitHub
  2. That's awesome, thanks for all the work deanishe. I'd not noticed the config had not been working as I've been using the workflow for quite some time! Whoops :-S Really appreciate the contribution and I'll take a look at your pull requests as soon as I can.
  3. Hi Guys, thanks for all the feedback. I'll take a look into the issues and see if I can get them all sorted for you as soon as I can :-) Also, deanishe, the code is certainly not a mess, so I'm not quite sure what's giving you that impression. And as for it being unmaintained, I can assure you it's not. My delay in responding is simply because I have a job and thought it might be nice to go away for the weekend ;-) Hope that's okay. The code is also open source on GitHub, so any contributions or pull requests are most welcome.
  4. You should press return and configure the workflow. If you keep getting the error that means either the path you entered is invalid or the changes you made to it have made it no longer valid JSON.
  5. That's strange, I did build the QL app for 10.6+, but haven't been able to test it. Are you able to build and run the Xcode project and see what errors it's throwing? The reason I moved away from qlmanage is because it didn't handle previewing web links, which is something I wanted.
  6. Thanks for the input regarding the config. I've done some updates and come up with what I think is quite a neat solution. I've also added the ability for it to load web sites links (.webloc) so you can quickly open up and reference material from the internet, which will also mean it's always up to date! Let me know your thoughts on the setup and configuration of it!
  7. Hey Shawn, thanks. Some great cheat sheets are available here: http://www.addedbytes.com/cheat-sheets/ And I've just discovered this place which looks awesome: http://www.cheatography.com/ So I'm sure you can fill your lookup directory with lots of good stuff from there!
  8. Alfred 2 workflow for quickly referencing files (e.g. cheat sheets, PDFs, web links, etc) using quick look. It loads things quicker than if they were searched and opened in Preview, and you can dismiss them easily with the space bar. Download View source on GitHub
  9. Hi Justin, the keyword is "kippt" not "k". Also, the search is quite slow so you will have to wait a little bit until the results appear. Not much I can do about it but it does eventually work!
  10. Yeah I've noticed it's slow too, it's a shame! But hopefully Kippt will speed up their search soon!
  11. Ah, they've been changing things! I've updated the instructions with the new link.
  12. Hey guys, just saw this topic and thought you might be interested in the workflow I just made for searching your Kippt bookmarks! http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1890-kippt-search-search-your-bookmarks-on-kippt/
  13. Here's a workflow I knocked up for searching your bookmarks on Kippt and launching the URL in your browser. Important instructions: To set up, you must enter your Kippt username and API key into the workflow's script filter. The API key can be found here when logged in (under "api_token"). Download View source on GitHub
  14. Dave, I just came across your comment and thought you might want to check out the workflow I submitted last week for converting between UTC timestamps and various human readable datetime strings. I'm actually finding it ridiculously useful! Datetime Format Converter - Convert between unix timestamps and datetime strings
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