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  1. Good Morning Alfred App Dev's, I look up MAC addresses hundreds of times a week at work. Can anyone help/create me a workflow where I can quickly lookup the Mac address to see what manufacture router a customer has. Kind Regards,
  2. Works fine for me it picks up when you have a tracking ID on your clickboard also to populate the id feed
  3. Here are two URL schemes that are currently available in Parcel for both OS X and iOS: 1) If you have a tracking number: parcel://automatic/empty/?CODE where CODE is your tracking number 2) If you have a tracking number and description: parcel://automaticwithlabel/LABEL/?CODE where CODE is your tracking number; LABEL is url encoded description. Can you explain how I can put both the description for the parcel (LABEL) and the tracking ID (CODE) from alfred into the url to feed Parcel?
  4. Thank you very much RodgerWW just updated to the latest version.
  5. Thanks made the change. Please consider adding this to the next release!
  6. Is it possible to add the identifiers in () maybe next to the model Currently: Mac mini Late 2012 with identifier: Mac mini Late 2012 (6,1)
  7. Sorry about that I have updated the link should now work
  8. Hey Simon I have completed the instructions but can't get it to work.
  9. If your like me and have to check lots of tracking numbers your love this workflow. Your can download Parcel workflow from here I would like to thank Ivan the developer of Parcel for letting me beta test the OS X app (Mac App Store - Free) it works really well and syncs with iOS (iOS App Store - Free Universal). To track a tracking ID just type Parcel or Track then add your tracking ID. It will open Parcel.app with a new window with the tracking ID. You can still use this workflow if you don't have parcel open as once you have centred the ID parcel will open. I plan to update the workflow with a open to add description from Alfred once I have worked out how. Once the tracking ID has been added to Parcel you will receive a notification.
  10. Thanks great workflow works great on my Mac Mini Late 2012. Any change you can add the MacMini x,x in also saves me looking it up in mac tracker??
  11. Hey Guys I have created a workflow that will lock your mac with a hotkey. Download it here Updated Thursday 16th May to V1 Added quick instructions and Hotkey.
  12. Good Afternoon all, I am trying to produce a workflow to track parcels and packages in the newly launched Parcel app for OS X. The developer has given me two urls that can be used with the app. Here is a screenshot of what the workflow looks like atm: http://cl.ly/P00C Can someone explain to me how to set it up so two piece of information can be added to the Alfred box and then put into the url to pass to Parcel? Kind Regards, Chris Humphreys
  13. The only problem Jack is only one of the workflows I use has had this added out of 38. Im gonna visit the site of each of the workflows I have installed to check for updates manually today and hope some have added support.
  14. HI Pedro I have the same product as above would love to use the MoveMessage (mm) but its never worked for me. I did the Applescript and got the window with Hello World and my error.log is empty
  15. Hi Jack How are you doing the Check for Updates I haven't seen anyone else have a system to check yet I hope Alfred gets a official workflow update system soon we have needed one since V1
  16. Hey Guys I wonder if anyone can help me. I get a ton of email each day from Amazon, eBay and Paypal for my job and would like a workflow so I can just press on F Key to file emails to a folder. Kind Regards, Chris Humphreys Head Of Online + R&D BestValueStockOnline.com
  17. Would love to use this workflow but the download link is dead
  18. Florian I am in the UK so need to convert $ to £ a lot how do i do that with your convert workflow?
  19. Hey is there a working alfred workflow file This link http://d.pr/f/no3O is dead.
  20. Good Evening, Any chance I can change it as im in the UK and it loads US pricing and amazon.com page??
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