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  1. When I open Alfred and select 1Password Bookmark and press enter, it doesn't find any of my bookmarks and instead opens Chrome. What should I do? I'm using 1Password 6.02 and Alfred 2.8.2. I've enabled third party integrations in 1Password. Thanks
  2. It's fixed, the XML was in a different location. Thanks both.
  3. Hi, The Alfred v2 iTunes miniplayer is not working. No tracks are appearing in it. I dragged my XML file into Alfred and reset the library. I've also made sure that iTunes is sharing the XML file with other apps. How else can I fix? Thanks
  4. The workflow worked great for me. What about an icon? Also is it possible to get this workflow to minimise or close all the background Finder windows?
  5. Thanks, I changed the icon to something more old school and less confusing.
  6. This is my first work flow. Use keyword "game" to open a trailer in YouTube, reviews in Metacritic, stats in How Long to Beat and a review in GameTrailers. https://www.dropbox.com/s/brjpmlveenh70bn/Should%20I%20play%20this%20game%3F.alfredworkflow
  7. Hi, I've created my first workflow. It searches YouTube, Gametrailers and Metacritic for a queried game. Can someone take a look and let me know what I need to do before I share it? Thanks. http://www.hyperfileshare.com/d/eb2beeec
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