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  1. I've often found myself starting work on a workflow by basing it off something I've already done or one that I'm referencing. Is there an easy way to do that from within Alfred (as opposed to from Finder or importing twice)?
  2. Created a workflow to add stories to pivotal tracker for one project. Github: https://github.com/kevnull/pivotal-tracker-alfred-workflow From the README: A workflow for Alfred v2 (alfredapp.com) to add Pivotal Tracker stories directly. Creates a story to Pivotal Tracker project. Copies resulting story url to clipboard. SetupIn the script, set the following: Go to your name->profile in Pivotal Tracker to find this at the bottom $token = "INSERT YOUR TOKEN HERE"; The full name you have in Pivotal Tracker $requested_by = "INSERT YOUR NAME HERE"; The project id (the number in https://www.pivotaltracker.com/projects/{number}) $project = "INSERT PROJECT ID HERE"; Usagept {optional type} {name} Defaults to feature if no type is given. Acceptable types are "feature", "bug", and "chore" or their first character equivalent. Examplespt this is a feature pt f this is a feature pt feature this is also a feature pt b this is a bug pt c this is a chore WishlistPut multiple projects into the action selection
  3. Thanks David and Tyler. Looks like I got it working as I wanted and more. Here it is: http://d.pr/f/7L8p Now the only thing I want to do is configure it so that I can set command-1 and command-2 (the actions) to different projects. This is through generating some XML as a result right?
  4. Nevermind found it. Make sure to put {query} in the text portion or it defaults to title. http://d.pr/i/TTxV
  5. Found the same issue. I think it might be because echo goes to the title of the notification which doesn't have multi-line. Not sure how to write to the body of the notification.
  6. It's been forever since I've done any PHP. Anyone have an example? I'm also wondering, specific to workflow scripting, how I'd chain this. The output XML comes out of the middle script as {query}. Flowing it into clipboard obviously won't work but I can't just put an intermediary step of script since workflows seem to only permit 3 steps.
  7. I've created a workflow that allows me to create new stories in pivotal tracker (e.g, "pt this is the name of a new story") which has been fantastic to have. What I'd like to do next is to take the XML response and parse out the useful piece of information: namely the Tracker story number that's generated. So far, the work I've done has been purely through bash and no "real" language. I'm wondering how I would go about implementing the next step. Thanks! K
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