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  1. If I could sort UA list then I would be able to execute desired functions based on muscle memory.
  2. @vitor Please don't bash me for that question. I've tried to understand the documentation you've gracefully linked and there is still one thing that I fail to comprehend - it seems to me that JavaScript and AppleScript are somehow "elevated" by Apple above other languages (in the context of automation), since Apple bothered to create interpreter for those 2. So are there any advantages of using JavaScript to automate the MacOS over e.g. Bash? I imagine that there would be some additional interface to control MacOS?
  3. When i trigger the script above I get the error message "command not found: bluetoothconnector". I do not undestand why it happens, because im able to execute the bluetoothconnector from the ZSH terminal with the same exact command without any issue. Using the full path (/opt/homebrew/bin/bluetoothconnector 00-8a-76-08-10-26 --notify) to the bluetoothconnector inside the Alfred workflow script solves the issue but I still would like to know why it happens.
  4. By default when I type full url into the Alfred interface and press "Enter" the website gets opened in the new Safari tab. Is there a way to change the behaviour to get it opened in the new window?
  5. One more thing... Alfred supports also shell scripts but you've mentioned only JavaScript and AppleScript. Why?
  6. Its not easy to ask precise questions when you know very little. Nevertheless, your last answer was spot on. Thank you
  7. I apologise for being thick, but does it mean that you can write scripts in JavaScript but only limited to the functionalities that Apple exposes through API?
  8. Could you elaborate, please? Do you mean that you write the scripts in JavaScript but the interpreter "converts" the JavaScript into AppleScript?
  9. From my understanding the osascript is proprietary Apple scripting language. How does it relate to JavaScript?
  10. Hi, Is there a way to sort universal actions list? I don't like using the option "sort actions by last used per type". Cheers, Andre
  11. Alright, I have found the solution. Better Touch tool works like a charm for me.
  12. Unfortunately Karabiner doesn't work for me because it doesn't allow to assign the DND button which I use most regularly.
  13. Hi, I would love to be able to remap 2 of the function keys on my MacBook m1 air. I don't want to change the settings so the F1, F2 etc are the default keys and then remap them, because I use most of the function keys on the regular basis (brightness, dnd, music control...). Is there a way to do it in Alfred? Have a great day, Andre
  14. Hi guys, is there a way to make a keyboard shortcut to switch to specific audio output like AirPods? Cheers, Andre
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