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  1. Hey ! Did you make your Aria2 workflow ? it will be great to share it here
  2. Hi, I work on a solution. I found the problem. This is because some stream has an address like but this is a redirection of . So iTunes adds it like a new song. If you add your radio with this stream (, your radio will be added only once and never again. I will try to improve this problem, but some address are really different (you can have the true address in song information on iTunes). So Idon't know if I can compare 'true' address without open it first... I hope, I will find a solution.
  3. Thanks Nemrod and DJay, that's great to see people use my workflow DJay, I encounter the same problem. I don't really know how to fix it. I can find an AppleScript to clean this playlist, but perhaps somebody really uses it, so ... I'm open for all suggestions ! I will find a solution, perhaps open music/flux in a custom playlist and add an option to clean it.
  4. Hello, i maid i little workflow to listen web radios on iTunes or VLC. This workflow propose a list of ~30 radios, principal french radio, but the workflow permit to add your own radios, or remove. What i can do with this workflowYou can : listen by default 35 radios stations. (most of them are french, 'cause i'm french ) add custom radio with a name and m3u/mp3/aac flux with : radioadd {flux} {name} remove radio you don't like : radiorm {name} reset default stations : radioreset send me email at contact@leoderbois.com add some other radio by default. I will be happy to propose a lot of radios ! You can download the workflow here and show source and more information here !
  5. Hi ! Thanks to Doug Adam, and his very usefull website about iTunes AppleScript, i created a a workflow based on his script to launch a random album (here , works with iTunes Match). The simple workflow : http://cl.ly/0T2a1d3L3Y3r Type : "random" or use a custom keyword (F14 with long keybord for exemple).
  6. Hi, I did this worlkflow "2 in 1" which permit de share a file with your droplr or cloudapp account directly from alfred. I need this so, i thing some people need this too. Download link : http://leolelego.free.fr/Developpement/alfred%20workflows/DroplrCloudApp%20Sharing.alfredworkflow And Some screens Have a Good day
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