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  1. Just checked Freenode.net, no Alfred channels found. Are there certain days or times of the week? Was there not enough activity to keep it available? Just curious more than anything else. I'm just amazed that IRC is still around, and flourishing, after all these years and the introduction of social media, etc..
  2. Jurriaan, it's simple and straight forward to manually add Alfred to Login Items: System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items > + (Plus Key) > Add Alfred 2 bxx (or any other app) to Login Items. [Note: you can also remove an app by highlighting the app to remove and use the - (minus key) to remove it.]
  3. Thanks again David! Works just as it should. Now patiently waiting for AlfredTweet .
  4. This is Great, David, thank you very much, this is timely, extremely useful and very much appreciated .
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    Edit: Changed font.
  6. Thanks for sharing this. It became even more useful once I had a peek at your tumblr page http://thefeverdog.tumblr.com/ .
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