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    donparr reacted to gabamnml in Alfred on IRC Network   
    For fans of the IRC and quick answers I bring channels you will try to be available as much as you can.
    #alfredapp (for general purposes)
    #alfredev (for plugins/workflows development purposes)
    Both channels are available in freenode.net.
    I'll be grateful to those who want to collaborate in aid channels.
    If you never use IRC I recommend Textual.app in the appstore or compile your own app with the source code (If you encounter with troubles, write me a message me and I'll be grateful to help to compile this)
    Be my guest to write a comment about it if you have questions.
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    donparr reacted to Andrew in Cheeky little transparency blur hack for themes   
    NOTE!! From Alfred 2.4, the blur setting is in Alfred's Appearance > Options. You won't need to use the defaults writes, but it's still marked as experimental. I plan on implementing the native Yosemite blur at some point and make this an official feature.
    This is and always will be a hack, but I'm adding a defaults write preferences item to set the background blur of a window. This will allow you to have nice transparent themes but still readable over busy backgrounds.
    There are a few important caveats with this:
    It uses a private OS X API which means it may stop working at any point outside of my control I may take this feature out if it causes general instability and will ignore any moans of "put it back" It disables the 'Fade in Alfred Window' option because these don't play nice together It slows things down lots on slower Macs This will work in OS X 10.9 Mavericks from Alfred 2.3 onwards! To use this hack, quit Alfred and his preferences then type this into Terminal:
    OS X 10.9 Mavericks:
    defaults write com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2 experimentalBlur -int 5
    ... the value can be anywhere from 1 to 15 for different blur radius levels, set to 0 to disable.
    OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and below:
    defaults write com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2 experimentalBlur -float 3.0
    ... the value can be anywhere from 1.0 to 5.0 for different blur intensity levels, set to 0.0 to disable.
    Here is what you should see:

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    donparr reacted to jdfwarrior in Weather Workflow (with Conditions and Forecast)   
    Updated 3/18:
    NOTE: Set your location again so a default weather unit gets set initially, then change it.
    Removed saving to the Workflow Data folder and actually save IN the workflow folder now. Should fix issue a few users are seeing and also allows syncing weather location.
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    donparr reacted to ithinkimalion in Some of the workflows popping up are so cool   
    Didnt quite understand the concept when I read about it on the blog. But seeing them in action, its so ingenius.
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    donparr reacted to jdfwarrior in Search Mail.app Workflow   
    Search Mail.app for email messages matching the search query passed.
    A few have reported with this not working so I went back and added the option in mdfind to search in a specific folder so that hopefully it would find those results. Report any issues
    UPDATE: Based on schoeps comment below, I realized that the search I was performing was queueing off of kMDItemKind == 'Mail Message' and depending on your local language, that may not be the appropriate value. So I changed it to search on kMDItemContentType which should be the same across the board. I have confirmed that it works in English and Italian at least.
    UPDATE: I removed the -onlyin argument from mdfind. Removing the specified folder helps in finding the files with alternate language OS's.
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    donparr reacted to simonbs in Tweetbot workflow   
    I quickly put together a workflow for controlling Tweetbot which I wanted to share 
    The workflow uses the Tweetbot URL scheme.
    Currently, the following commands are supported. Parameters in brackets are optional and parameters in square brackets are required. When an account name can be specified and none is specified, the current account will be used.
    t (message) Posts a new tweet. tt (account name) Shows the timeline of specified account. tu [screen name] Shows the user profile of the user with the specified screen name. tmm (account name) Shows the mentions for the specified account. (Note: This command is ‘tmm’ because by default OS X will replace ‘tm’ with ™) tr (account name) Shows the retweets which appears in the accounts timeline. tdm (account name) Shows the direct messages that the account has received. tl (account name) Shows the lists that the account owns. tf (account name) Shows the tweets the account has marked as favorited. ts (account name) Searches using the specified account. (Note: Sadly this doesn’t seem to work with the ‘query’ parameter on OS X) tfo [screen name] Follows the user with the specified screen name. tun [screen name] Unfollows the user with the specified screen name. You can download it by following this link or grab the source code at GitHub.

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    donparr reacted to Andrew in Theme editor flock background colour   
    If you update to b68 from http://media.alfredapp.com/v2beta/, you can now click the flock wallpaper in the theme editor to see your theme against different background colours
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    donparr got a reaction from drking in DP Blue   
    Edit: Changed font.
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    donparr reacted to theFeverDog in Currency Converter   
    Hello fellow beta testers :-)
    Here's a quick port of my currency converter:
    Initially I wasn't sure how to use the script output, because the {arg} tag didn't work. Fortunately {query} did the trick.
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