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  1. Thanks a lot Vitor, this is exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot!
  2. Hi there, I created some basic workflows already but I'm bit stuck on a new thing I want to create. The flow I want is the following : - I type the keyword "meetings" - A Large type appears with 10 choices written (e.g. 1. Recurring meetings / 2. Calls / 3. To reschedule / 4. Onboarding slots / etc etc) - I choose one of them by typing the corresponding number (e.g. 1) - A new large type appears with informations related to the corresponding meeting (e.g. Recurring meetings informations, color to be chosen etc etc) I managed to do of course the keyword + large type but if I try to add after that an IF or an ARG or a KEYWORD it doesn't work. Another way to do that which would probably be better but I dont manage to do it neither is: - I type the keyword "Meetings" - In Alfred, I see a list of 10 items - I type the corresponding number - I see a plain text Can you please help me? Thanks!
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