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  1. It is possible to select the devices listed by pressing the tab key, it's not possible to click the button with any key/key combination… but I have an idea!
  2. Sure! I know Andrew wrote that, everything works except the button click… I appreciate all the efforts! Thank you so much!
  3. Everything goes as it should until the Connect button click, it does nothing on that button… I’m really knocking my head on the wall and since it’s not an Alfred related question I’ll keep researching and trying and will post later the solution. What I tried so far: - applied the suggest script which stops before the button click and tried also with other syntax… - record the actions within Automator which works flawlessly inside it but the app it generates stops when it goes to the menu to choose Open Bluetooth Configuration… weird! - finally tried to copy the actions recorded from Automator to ScriptEditor and paste them in the script inside Alfred but nothing happens…
  4. Hi, yeah, I know Keyboard Maestro has the ability to do this kind of workflows but I wasn’t able to achieve it, probably with a script as mentioned by @Andrew! Which I will try just inside Alfred. Thanks @Andrew, I’ll try that and report back. :)
  5. Hi there! My ever first topic here, and asking for some knowledge… I'm trying to figure out how to setup what's in the Topic's Title. The thing is that it involves some actions and triggers, I guess, by going to the Audio MIDI Setup app > MIDI Studio > Open Bluetooth Configuration… > and hit the Connect button. Is there a way to record a macro or to achieve this within Alfred? Thanks in Advance Cheers,
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