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  1. Just got new MacBook Pro and was setting up Alfred and wanted Xcode's Filemerge to show in results. @Vero suggestion worked perfect on High Sierra. Thanks!
  2. I have been using ImageAlpha in tangent with ImageOptim. It has the 'Save as', and 'Optimize with ImageOptim' option. I'm wondering if it is at all possible to write a mega-workflow that encompasses both apps. I use the manual workflow so much, and it would truly be a lifesaver. BTW: https://twitter.com/dcook/status/435845604426543104 Thanks for the awesome work!
  3. This is super helpful, and appreciate the time and energy! If you're taking feature requests...it would be awesome to be able to add to a ToDo list, on a card, on a board. Not sure if Trello's API allows for that much? Taking it even further...I have a board I use as a template, and it would be awesome to be able to create a new board from 'Copy Board' in Trello, and start adding to the To Do list I have associated with the template's first card. I know I'm asking a lot for nothing Thanks again for useful workflow!
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