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  1. Shame on me for not saying it beforehand, but I see the same issue & don't use enr for that reason. It shows me notes from the past week or three, but not sorted with the most recent at the top. I use Evernote pretty heavily, so I'll update 75-100 notes each week. I'll second the other comment - this is a great workflow! I use the search all the time.
  2. Thank you. Yes, that's lightning-fast when I use "ent" and when I use "en" now. Great workflow! If I can find some time this week, I'm going to play around with it & see if I can add the ability to include tags.
  3. Yeah, it actually shows the first 9, I think, and just tells me that it found 147. I figured it might be relevant if it parses the total number found. > In addition, I’ll add a new keyword ent to search directly only in titles. Cool! I'll give it a go when I see the next update. Thanks!
  4. This is very well done, but it's unusably slow for me. That may be because I have a large number of notes - over 4,000 at last count. This is because I imported my OneNote notes, and I think that I started using that in 2006. In any case, I've been using this search workflow, which isn't as full-featured: http://www.thoughtasylum.com/blog/2013/1/15/evernote-search-an-alfred-20-workflow-for-searching-evernote.html Any thoughts on the slowness or how I could help nail it down? I'm a Java / Javascript developer, but I'm brand-new to Applescript & Alfred (and I've never worked with
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